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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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The Weirdest Successful Businesses


Over recent years, due to the financial crisis, more and more people have thought to try their luck trying bussinesses more or less unusual. In this article we will present you some of the most successful, yet strangest businesses developed in the world.

Among the more unusual ideas we include that of an insurance company in Brazil, which chose newsstands as additional locations to sell insurance policies. Thus, in the first year since the implementation of this strategy, the company has made more than 50,000 insurance contracts and its management decided to apply the same method for gas stations as well.

Another business with insurances that proved to be very profitable was started this time in Germany. A German company enables customers to start a community of 10-15 people, usually relatives or close friends, who will help their compensation in case of unforeseen tragic events. For this, they pay up to 50 euros a month in the account for the client. The insurance company will pay the money only if the group cannot cover the value of the policy concluded. The company will not have to worry about the persons who have smaller insurances, because the friends and relatives will gather the necessary money.

A bank that has its headquarters in South Africa enables the customers to use mobile phones in in order to withdraw money from ATMs. The mobile phone must be connected to the server of the banking unit. After choosing the number of the desired account where the money will be withdrawn, customers will receive a text message on the phone in which they will find a PIN code whose validity is only of half an hour. With this code they can take out the money from ATMs. Shortly after the introduction of this system, the number of the African bank’s customers grew by over 50%.

In Denmark, a consulting and auditing company offers clients and potential clients a chance to win stocks in some of the programs undertaken. All that people had to do was to enroll in these projects using a website and to accept testing them for a period set beforehand. After this step, customers were eligible to receive shares in the organizing company.

An American, with the name of Riseborough, opened in 2005 a very odd business. His company was producing and selling life-sized toy cars. The idea apparently was very welcome because the offers started coming and in just a few years, the owner became a millionaire in dollars, earning over two million just in the first year.

Also in the United States of America, a veterinarian sought to create, in the late 1990s, models for surgery and consultations for dogs. The bussiness was a success, as the American managed to raise one million dollars by 2000 and his products represent a teaching material used all over the country, even today.

An Ukrainian with American citizenship, settled down in the United States, has set up a factory for wooden puppets that brought him huge gains in a short time. The dolls were painted by hand and had the faces of celebrities in the United States and beyond, such as of the legendary singer Elvis Presly or of most famous football players. As we said before, the business was profitable and after only a few months, the Ukrainian had to employ more people who can cope with the huge demand.


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