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Tips For Travel Photos


Any person that travels, whether going on a little trip, expedition or visit during holidays, will certainly have a camera to capture the special moments that characterize any journey. In the lines that follow, we come with some tips to help photographers to achieve successful travel photos.

Whether it’s about amateur photographers that want to achieve impressive photos during holidays, or professional photographers who make photos for various cultural and tourist publications, travel photos must always tell a story to the viewer. Travel photography is among the most valued and handier genres of photography and precisely for this reason major companies that produce photo equipment always come to support those who want to always have a camera for travel photography.

Why is travel photography so important and appreciated? The answer to this question is not difficult to guess: memories of a vacation or a successful trip are always completed by photos to look at over years and years, reminding photographers of the beautiful world that they have met. Travel photography captures the essence and spirit of the whole trip or excursion.

The importance of photo equipment for travel photography

Many people that travel want, as we said earlier, a device they can always have at hand, a small device, easy to use, ergonomic, but which provides qualitative images. For this reason, most of the amateur photographers opt for compact cameras, which are improved every year. Beginner photographs, for whom photography is a passion, will opt for DSLR cameras that are right for their level.

You must remember that the photographer’s imagination and creativity are more important and precisely for this reason we can say that the equipment does not influence too much travel photography, unless they are are made with the aim of promoting a resort, a region or a country in terms of tourism.

Tips for successful travel photos

Considering that travel photography is very captivating, photographers, be they amateur or advanced, will be tempted to photograph everything. It would be preferable that photographers, regardless of their level, keep in mind certain photographic techniques to get the best results.

Moreover, the order should not characterize only the photograph itself and technique, but also the photographer’s style. In case you use a compact camera, things seem simpler, but when a photographer has a whole piece of equipment that includes the camera body, camera lens, lenses, filters, flashes, tripod and other accessories, it is important that they are transported very carefully. It is therefore very important that the equipment be transported securely in a bag or in a special backpack. The cleaning kit and camera protective covers must not be absent.

As I said before, travel photography is very captivating, so the photographer needs to ensure he always has more memory cards and spare batteries.

Traveling means knowledge, so the contact with a new world, a different lifestyle or a different culture represent the main sources for travel photography. Travel photography involves exploring the environment, landscapes, buildings, people and traditions of the culture that characterizes them. Travel photography offers many opportunities for photographers, but they need to know when and what to photograph. It is appropriate that, before you leave on a trip, the photographer gets information about the region he/she is going to visit to get to know the items that may constitute subjects for the photos.

Most people travel during the summer, so photos taken in the warm season prevail. But there are people who travel in winter. Depending on the season, travel photos will catch every time something else because, in general, the landscapes, people and their customs are influenced by natural cycles. Also, the season influences the light, while light affects the photo as well. Photographers must always adapt to the conditions, be it summer or winter, day or night.

What to photograph during holidays? It is a question that many photographers ask themselves, feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the multitude of items that could be the subject of their photos. As I mentioned previously, it is very important that the photographers investigate carefully the topics; also, it’s vital to frame the photo properly. A correct framing does not represent a classic framing, the subject being in the middle and the other elements of photocomposition being located at the side. Not at all. The photographer can come up with one’s own ideas for the results to be truly spectacular. The photographer’s creativity is the one to rule when it comes to the success of a photo; thus, a creative photographer can capture fabulous images even with a compact camera.

Landscapes and buildings are among the most popular topics in this genre of photography, being followed by people. Usually, when traveling in a foreign country, people who live there represent a true mystery for travelers, so photographers will try to capture in their photos the features of the people, the gestures, the clothes, the behavioral style and the relationships between them, all in all, their life. Moreover, the photographers that have the opportunity to encounter certain celebrations, festivals and practices unknown to them will certainly be fascinated and will try to capture everything in unprecedented photos.

So travel photos are numerous, so the way the photographer sees and shoots them is most important.

Using a tripod is essential most of the times in the case of travel photography. Whether we speak of group photos or landscape, the use of a tripod will allow the photographer to take more precise pictures and with a longer exposure time, without affecting the image quality this way.

There are few people who travel alone. Group photos during travel should not miss and they must be made appropriately. Photographers often forget that, at one time, they also should be the subject of a photo; that does not mean that the photographer will turn the camera lens towards himself and press the shutter. Not at all. Any camera can be set in such a way as to trigger automatically depending on the time period chosen by the photographer.

Photographers who want to get downright spectacular shots and that, of course, have advanced equipment, may opt for shooting in the RAW format, which will allow more precise editing later.

An important tip that any photographer, be it beginner or amateur, should take into account for success in this genre of photography, is confidence. A confident photographer, who does not take random shots, but studies and frames the items in the image, will get original pictures, while the memories of travels or trips will definitely be more beautiful if they are be complemented by such photos.


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