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Typical Behavior Of A Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

A Cornish Rex at first sight strikes as having short and curly fur and facial expressions reminiscent that is always puzzled.

Cornish Rex cats are very affectionate and love people. These cats are always very active and very inventive as they make new games every day. They are among the few races which accept and even enjoy a lot of affection and animals around them. While other cats dislike noise, a Cornish Rex looks around him with interest and curiosity to see where the noise is coming from, and very often will draw attention by playing and doing tricks in the cage. This cat is like a small circus show. If caged they will stretch every one paw through the bars for the pleasure and the curiosity to meet people. Having an Intelligent life the Cornish Rex is a cat that is through to have an active interest towards what everything that is happening around them.

The most interesting thing about the Cornish Rex cat breed is the way it uses its paws as people use their hands. Some Cornish Rex cats dine grasping their food this way and taking it to their mouth, grabbing small objects and even other cat toys. This animal actually plays using paws. Give a Cornish Rex a piece of rope and watch it go into action! His movements are like a painter’s and can give a perpetual topic of study as they are delightfully fluid, curved, sinuous, composed in dance, shifting suddenly from an almost bipedal stance and making complicated jumps.

Same of them will find pleasure and will be very happy to roost on their master’s knees and even better they will lay on his shoulder. If they get enough attention, a Cornish Rex will not hesitate to express their feelings and come to get a touch, if that is his desire. You will find them sealing the items that you are currently using just to get your attention. The Cornish Rex is a cat that may look very delicate but is actually surprisingly robust and requires no special care. This cat appreciates the warmth, so in winter it will be as close to the radiator as it can and will sleep all day in summer sun. If the sun is very strong, it is advisable to apply a layer of lotion with SPF on the cat’s ears, so they do not suffer burns.

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