Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Verona Arena, Italy (Arena Di Verona)

Although the performances are held outdoors, the amphitheater has many rules that would seem maybe a little strange, such as the fact that smoking is prohibited. Other rules inside the amphitheater are: the mobile phones have to be closed before the show starts and photographing or filming the show is prohibited without authorization. You are also forbidden to climb on structures that are part of the arena. In order to have access to opera plays in the amphitheater, the spectators are required to come dressed in elegant clothes, suitable for such an event. It is also forbidden to consume foods and drinks during the show; they can be eaten only during breaks.

However, it is not necessary to buy a ticket in order to enjoy a wonderful evening at the opera. Maybe you can not see the opera, but you might just want to hear it from one of the many restaurant tables around the amphitheater. Whether you choose to go to an opera evening, a concert, a ballet show, or you just want to visit the building, the amphitheater is a tourist destination not to be missed, if you are visiting Verona.

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