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Vienna is actually the capital of Austria and for centuries was the centre of the splendid Hapsburg Empire. This city is charming because of the influence of the great classical composers as Strauss, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Mozart and Schubert who lived, performed and had made their creations here and because of the baroque influence.

The citys tradition is kept alive by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the State Opera House. This is why a trip to Vienna can be inspiring for everyone. Besides music, Vienna also can be associated with gourmet fare, cream cakes and tasty coffee. The best time of year to take a trip here is in spring and autumn because of its beautiful wheather.

Vienna is dominated by impressive historic and cultural attractions which makes it definitely a city to spend some time in. We can name The Hofburg Palace, Karlskirche, Giant Wheel, Schnbrunn Palace, Belvedere, Vienna State Opera, The Albertina, St Stephens Cathedral, Austrian National Library, Natural History Museum, Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches Museum).

The Hofburg Palace, or Imperial Palace consists in 22 separate museums, the National Library, the famous Spanish Riding School, a 14th century Augustinian church and the Royal Chapel.

Schnbrunn Palace offers tourists the opportunity to view the superb combination between baroque and rococo style.

Vienna State Opera was built in the early 18th century. The Vienna State Opera is open between September and June and here are perfomances (operas, ballets, operettas) every day and because of that it is very hard to find tickets; an alternative is to purchase standing room tickets.

Belvedere it is located in the center of a superb park and consists in two mansions, a bigger one and a comfortable one. The theme of this attraction is the human trip from darkness to divine light. Belvedere means a place from where you can see the beauty and Belvedere Palace offers a great view from his splendid gardens.

Viennas nightlife is not agitated as it is in the other European capitals. The Rhiz is Viennas place to go for advanced electronic music and Jazzland is the oldest of the jazz clubs still existing in Vienna. For the people who have a cultural side well developed, many Viennese museums stay open late like the Albertina and the House of Music.

A holiday in Vienna can be fascinating for every tourist because here you can find plenty sights to see. From the Spanish Riding Schoold and thrills of the Prater amusement park to the luxuriance of the Schonnbrun Palace.

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