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Virgo Zodiac Sign

If you are born between August 23 and September 21, then you are classified as a Virgo in the zodiac signs.

General characteristic of the Virgo zodiac sign: negative sign, feminine
Defining element of the Virgo zodiac sign: Earth
Quality of the Virgo zodiac sign: mutable sign (flexibility)
Ruling planet: Mercury
Lucky numbers: 3 and 5
Astral colors: dark blue, yellow, orange
Astral gemstones: sardonyx, sapphire, agate, jacinth
Characteristic metal for Virgo: mercury
Lucky day for Virgo: Wednesday
Best places for Virgo: small towns
Representative verb: to analyze, to check

Compatibilities between Virgo and other signs

great compatibility with the following zodiac signs: Taurus, Capricorn
reduced compatibility with the following zodiac signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces
very good professional compatibility with the sign: Gemini
very good emotional compatibility with the sign: Sagittarius
very good financial compatibility with the sign: Libra
very good compatibility for marriage and/or partnerships with the sign: Pisces
very good compatibility for creative projects with the sign: Capricorn
very good spiritual compatibility with the signs: Taurus, Leo

The personality of the Virgo native:

The main positive features of Virgos are their analysis capacity, conscientiousness and healing powers. Their deepest desire is to be useful and have achievements through his personal effort. The main weakness of the Virgo native is his hypercriticalism.

Modest, objective, thoughtful, with a pronounced sense of duty, Virgo native can be a good scientist, accountant or critical, because he has a great analytical capacity. He is a rational man, very attentive to details. He acts carefully and correctly, but has a critical attitude.

The native of Virgo loves nature and the study. He appreciates the simple life and does not like trials. He relies on patience and perseverance rather than adventure and speculation. He plans his business on a long term. But he can also be mean and grumpy and his indecision can make him miss his chances. The native of the Virgin can take everything amiss and he can be covetous or moody.

Regarding the health of the Virgos, they can have sensitive nerves. Sometimes, the Virgo native can be valetudinarian. He is prone to eczema and ulcers, especially if his opinions are not taken into consideration and his egocentrism is injured. His digestion can be difficult and therefore constipation can occur.

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