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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Warning Pregnancy Symptoms


Even if a pregnancy progresses smoothly and without any problems, any pregnant woman should know and be able to recognize the warning signs in pregnancy, because the doctor is not constantly present near the pregnant women.

Thus, there are certain symptoms that may or may not show that there is a difficulty in the evolution of pregnancy and is essential that the future mom knows how to recognize these signs. The warning signs in a pregnancy during the first trimester can be easily confused with some normal symptoms in its evolution.

So, nausea and vomiting, although considered normal in this period, may be symptoms of some complications in the development of the embryo. When sickness is maintained throughout the day and when vomiting is more frequent than two or three times during the day, the pregnant woman should definitely consult a physician since these symptoms indicate that her health condition is not the best. The symptoms can be caused by stress or fatigue, but can also be signals that something is not working as it should.

During this period of pregnancy, there may appear certain pains in the pelvic area, which as long as they are not intense, can be treated – they are, in fact, showing some hormonal problems. But when the stomach pains are intense, they indicate the risk of miscarriage, so presenting to the doctor must be immediate. Between the warning signs in a pregnancy that requires the immediate presentation to the doctor is the existence of vaginal bleedings. They can simply be caused by stress or by recent sexual intercourse but, on the other hand, they can show the danger of a miscarriage. So, if you experience any vaginal bleeding, regardless of volume, you should immediately contact your doctor.

After the 20th week of pregnancy until the week 37 including, the first warning signals in pregnancy remain the ones already mentioned: vaginal bleedings – no mater how small they are, more or less intense pelvic pain – in these cases a pregnant woman must immediately contact her doctor. Similarly, although it’s not always a symptom that something goes wrong, if the mother is confronted with digestive disorders such as diarrhoea or constipation, the doctor’s control would be necessary.

And frequent vomiting – more than three times during the day – may indicate a problem in the evolution of pregnancy. Foetal movements may indicate a difficulty in foetal development: when it moves less than usual or stops moving for more than 6-8 hours, it can be an emergency. At the same time, if there appear some back pains or cramps, they show that the foetus is moving very strongly, that it pushes the uterus, so there may be a problem.

If in this period there are uterine contractions less than a quarter hour distance between them, a medical examination is also required. Among the emergencies that may occur and that require immediate hospitalization is the loss of amniotic fluid and preeclampsia – with symptoms such as severe headaches, swelling and oedema of the face or of the extremities, disorders, vision problems.

If you experience any of these symptoms, go to the hospital, to ensure that everything is all right. The warning signs in a pregnancy after the 37th week remain basically the same, but from now on they can show a serious problem in pregnancy evolution and thus require immediate hospitalization: loss of amniotic fluid (which may indicate the rupture of the amniotic sac), vaginal bleeding, frequent contractions, lack of foetal movements.

The pregnant woman should not be constantly worried and stressed that something could go wrong, but it is recommended that whenever she feels that something in her body is wrong, she should seek medical attention. The woman’s instinct should never be underestimated so if there is any feeling of discomfort, even without any clear symptoms, it’s a thousand times better and advisable to do a medical examination, which can show that the evolution of pregnancy is smooth and to calm the fears of the future mother.

Other warning signs in pregnancy that may indicate more or less severe problems and that require medical control or even hospitalization the following:

– Changes in frequency, smell and the colour of urine, or pain during urination;

– Changes in vaginal secretions in terms of quantity, density, smell, or secretions accompanied by itching; after the 37th week of pregnancy, secretions will become normal, but if symptoms are bothering, a control would be useful;

– The temperature exceeds 38 Celsius degrees and the mother has chills – these can be the signs of an infection;

– The pregnant women is experiencing fatigue, physical and mental exhaustion, dizziness or even fainting;

– Presence of seizures or certain breathing problems;

– Any abdominal, bowel or bladder pain, which may indicate the presence of serious difficulties for both foetus and the mother;

– Sudden weight gain – over 20 kg – during pregnancy, or a too low weight gain – under 4 kg – can indicate problems in the foetus development; also a belly which is too big or too small compared to the period of the pregnancy development and with the woman’s conformation may be a symptom of developmental difficulties;


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