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Week 14 Of Pregnancy


About the baby…

During the 14th week of pregnancy, the baby measures between 7 and 10 centimeters and it weighs 40-70 grams. The second trimester has officially begun, which involves the absence of risks in development anomalies. The baby is already developed and it will only grow in size from now on. The sexual organs are now visible, the liver produces bile, but the most interesting aspect is that certain folds that will become its personal print, the genetic data, start to appear. The baby already has facial expressions: it may smile or simulate an angry scream.

… the future mommy:

In the 14th week of pregnancy, the uterus continues its growth and dislocation, which causes the stretching of the ligaments so you may experience those sharp, yet short pains in the abdomen. At this point, we shouldn’t be talking about nausea, but you may still experience nausea when smelling certain strong substances or foods: cigar smoke, gasoline, strong perfumes, fried food or alcohol. You may be confronted with mild sight problems.

Your breasts have increased a lot – they may have even doubled in size and you may experience a yellowish secretion called colostrum (it is normal, but remember to keep your breasts dry)… The tiredness is gone, but unfortunately you may sometimes still be confronted with stress, mood swings and anxiety. Be careful about frequent states of sadness: the risk of depression is not gone – it should be detected and treated in time.

Things you should do during the 14th week of pregnancy:

Eyes – it is normal to have dry and sore eyes if the light is strong due to the estrogen; you may even have sight problems: you may have blurry sight and if you wear glasses, they may no longer be as efficient. See an ophthalmologist who will modify the characteristics of your lenses in case it is necessary. Make sure you wear sunglasses when the sun is strong and if you have very dry eyes, purchase eye drops (not before consulting a doctor or a pharmacist)…

Changes – although the people around you can’t see the changes yet, especially if they don’t know that you are pregnant, you can notice them and spend hours in the mirror contemplating. Good parts: your hair is rich and bright – during the pregnancy, the hair stops falling as it normally does and you may even have locks if you have straight hair or the other way around (because of the sebum), as well as strong nails that don’t break and a glowing skin (due to the blood flow and sebum); however, certain pregnant women are less fortunate and they may experience dry skin or acne (take extra care of your skin)… However, there are soon-to-be mothers who are afraid of the weight accumulation, which is already obvious around the waist and in the areas of the shoulders and neck. Important issue: this is normal and it is an accomplishment, rather than something ugly!!!

Kilograms and diet – don’t be scared if your face is slightly swollen or if you notice changes that don’t make you happy on your shoulders and neck: they are normal. Instead of being happy about your future round shapes and the wonder of maternity, you may sometimes be sorry for your lost silhouette. Under no circumstances should you think about any type of diets! Not even one that seems healthy or one that is recommended by who-knows-what American star! Don’t follow the example of the Hollywood stars who prefer to risk their children’s health in order to diminish their weight! Being a future mother implies responsibility and reason: you will have time to lose weight if the extra kilograms bother you that much after having a healthy child. If you control your cravings and if you adopt a rational and healthy diet based on fresh vegetables and fruits rather than cakes, fried food and snacks, you will not gain anything more than the necessary amount.

Trips – considering the fact that during the last trimester it will not be recommended to travel long distances, you may take advantage of the 14th week of pregnancy to plan a relaxing trip. If you were supposed to visit some relatives or you had a planned trip when you found out about your pregnancy and you postponed it, now it’s the perfect moment!


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