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Week 15 Of Pregnancy


In the 15th week of pregnancy, the little baby is about 11-12 centimeters long and weighs between 70 and 100 grams. From now on, his development is related to increasing in size and ending the formation of certain traits – such as eyebrows. His hair appears now and until birth, the baby’s sensitive skin is entirely covered with fine fuzz – called lanugo (before or soon after birth, this fuzz goes away). The legs and hands have grown in length and the body is now bigger than the head. It seems that around this week, the sense of hearing is developed, so the baby can hear the mother’s heartbeat and also the sounds from the outside – so it is not strange at all to talk to him or to sing him a song. He already has a regular program: activity (movement) sleep and food! He already has some facial expressions: frown, smile … many mothers say they already can feel the baby moving – but these feelings can be confused with bowel activity.

…and the future mother:

It is very common to have a stuffy nose – the nasal mucosa is inflamed and you breathe more deeply and more often: therefore, you can quickly lose breath and pant. The libido continues, in most future mothers, to be high. Your weight increase continues, but after the first two kg (which normally you should have already gained), it gets slower. You can be more sensitive to cold, viruses, bacteria – as the immune system is somehow weakened. The uterus gradually increases in size, so you can still feel pain or abdominal cramps.

What to do in the 15th week of pregnancy:

  • Cramps. If abdominal cramps upset you too often, you can soothe them with a warm bath (keep in mind that a very hot bath is not good for the baby).
  • Colds and infections. Because of the fact that the immune system is weakened, you may end up with some colds, flu, and some infections that can be dangerous (vaginitis, urinary tract infection), because it requires antibiotic treatment. To reduce the risks: do no swim in pools unless you are sure they are clean, avoid congestion and people who have a cold, wear clean clothes and underwear that is not tight on the body and beware of shower gels, soaps and scented creams.
  • Weight. If you have not put about two kilograms or, more risky, you have lost weight during this period, it would be better to go to a doctor who can make a series of measurements and tests.
  • Amniocentesis. Beginning with the 15th week of pregnancy, you can perform an amniocentesis – piercing the abdomen with a long needle and extracting amniotic fluid. This test is risky, so you should do it only if there is high likelihood of genetic and chromosomal abnormalities and if the screening from the first quarter showed the possibility of such anomalies. Amniocentesis detects these anomalies and also the baby’s gender with an accuracy of 99%.
  • Sleep. Because you often have a stuffy nose and you can snore, you may have difficulty sleeping. You can use a vaporizer and humidifier and make sure you have the necessary conditions for a good sleep: underwear, temperature, light, noises. From now it is good to start sleeping in the position recommended by doctors: on the left, using a pillow to support the legs and soon another pillow to sustain the big tummy. In any case do not sleep on the back or on your tummy.
  • Clothing. Have fun shopping! Maybe you have not yet acquired the necessary clothes, but you can find even more beautiful clothing options. Just because you’re pregnant it does not mean you have to wear overalls and the shirts of your husband! Some key parts that are necessary are: bras that support and that are suitable for your new breasts (do not wear the old bras as your breasts are now growing bigger), elastic belts (which will support the tummy), extensions – elastic bands that increase your skirts and pants, convenient underwear that lets the skin breathe (cotton). The most beautiful pieces for pregnant women are: blouses in the baby-doll style, which expand immediately under breasts, long and loose dresses, jackets with masculine tailoring. Because the clothes for pregnant women may cost more, get courage and have a round in second-hand shops: if you have patience to look among all those clothes you can find beautiful pieces at an unbelievable price.


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