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Week 27 Of Pregnancy


About Baby …

In week 27 of pregnancy, the baby is around 37 cm long and weighs close to a kg. The layers of fat which accumulate now keep its body temperature. It loves to suck its thumb – the new “hobby” soothes and forms its jaws. Sight develops, the retina starting to work, but the iris colour is still not determined. During breathing practice and lung development, the baby can hiccup a lot and you will feel it!

… and the future mother

In week 27 of pregnancy, the uterus has increased slightly and pushes your diaphragm, so you breathe harder, faster and you pant at every little effort – that is why exercise is so useful as it teaches you how to breathe efficiently, so, breathe deeply. In addition to frequent leg pain, very unpleasant cramps may occur.

You will start to take more weight, because at the end of pregnancy, you should get between 12 to 16 kilos if you had a normal weight, between 13-18 kilos if you were underweight and 8-11 kilos if you were overweight (according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). Gastrointestinal difficulties still occur: indigestion, constipation, bloating.

What to do in week 27 of pregnancy:

  • Cramps. If you often have cramps in your feet, get used every night to exercise by turning your feet, rub them gently with a moisturizer and do not give up walking. Do not stretch too much the feet or toes.
  • Back pain. Back pain gets better if you ask your husband to massage you gently with a moisturizer and then take a warm bath. Be careful – do not lie on your back, as you usually do for a massage, but sit down on a chair with your back to your husband and show him where to apply a little more pressure.
  • Household. If until now you managed to stay up high and go out successfully the domestic tasks – cooking, cleaning, washing – now you get tired more quickly, you pant and a simple task can be more exhausting. It is time to ask for help without remorse – the husband, the future grandparents. In any case, spare yourself and do only what it is urgent and cannot be postponed. Even washing the dishes can bother you – you stay more upright and hot water heats you up and makes you sweat. In no way are you allowed to carry, to bend, to climb on a chair …
  • Do you have a name? There are only three months and you do not yet have a name for the baby? Take your time trying to find the perfect name – perfect for you and your husband, not for the parents in law or godparents! Accept politely different suggestions that you will surely get, but do not give way to the insistence of relatives. Most likely, your parents and you husband will insist on a family name – tell them politely that you take this into consideration, but you choose the right name, which seems to be the most appropriate. Books with more name suggestions can stun you and you can become even more unsettled than before, as you go through the whole list of names. It is best to look for a name that you both like and that means something: the name of a loved character from books or movies, the name of an old and dear friend, or simply a name that you always liked – the idea is to sound great to you. Imagine that you are with the baby in the room and you call him – how does the chosen name sound in a loud voice?
  • Memories. Maybe now you think you’re in week 27 of pregnancy, you have a little more and you will lose your enormous tummy – but soon you’ll be nostalgic about the pregnancy, so you know! So, create memories that will be so welcome soon. When you are together with your family, make small movies and piles of pictures – in the end, you can make a beautiful album for pregnancy. Who knows, in the future, if you are pregnant again, it can be fun to browse the old album of pregnancy and compare yourself! Start a small diary of pregnancy -, as it beautiful and fun – and write down about how you feel, how your baby hits your tummy …
  • Risks. You almost passed the quietest time of pregnancy – second trimester – and now the risk of a premature birth increases. Avoid dehydration and drink plenty of liquids. If during the next control the doctor sees you have high blood pressure, ask him what you can do to reduce this risk as much as possible.


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