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Week 28 Of Pregnancy. About Baby …


In week 28 of pregnancy, the baby grows la little in length, about a centimetre, but weighs 1 kilogram, even more. The brain tissues develop, several folds occur and complex neural connections are formed. Already more than likely, his eyes are opened and he can perceive light and darkness – so when you sit in bright light, he puts his hand in front of the eyes, protecting them. He moves a lot, but the interior space is becoming increasingly tight for him. Starting with week 28 of pregnancy, the baby has bigger chances of survival if born prematurely, if it goes straight to intensive care (the most common problems in these situations are related to the inadequate development of the lung).

The future mother:

In week 28 of pregnancy, if you previously had a normal weight for your height, you should weigh already between 8 and 10 kilograms more than usual – do not worry, many of them are just placenta, amniotic fluid and the baby. Symptoms that you got used to already may enhance later during the pregnancy – frequent urination, constipation, leg pain, difficult sleep.

Higher levels of hormones still cause you normal mood swings – do not blame yourself for your reaction and ask for others to understand you. Be prepared for Braxton Hicks contractions and try not to panic when you will feel them – the uterus stretches, but even if you have pain, nothing is wrong. However, if it helps you calm down, you can go to the hospital when experiencing such contractions.

What to do in week 28 of pregnancy:

Work. Straining tendons can cause discomfort when you are forced to do repetitive tasks: typing on the computer or crafts. Make sure you have frequent small breaks at least once an hour, in which you get up from your chair slightly and move to relax your muscles.

Motherhood tour. By week 28, you may have already chosen the hospital or clinic where you give birth. Go with your husband and have a tour, to know, when the time comes, where the registration area is, which papers are necessary, what forms will be completed, how a delivery room looks like (if you will share it with others or not), how the room for new mothers looks like (how many women are found there) etc; normally you should not have problems in receiving a small tour to see where you will give birth and where you will stay after this. Think of any questions you want answered and maybe ask if you could meet the doctor who will assist you at birth.

Kegel exercises. Until now, you should have become an expert in Kegel exercises. They will prevent the unpleasant consequences of labour and birth, such as incontinence, enlargement, rupture. Try to increase the number of exercises when you practice them.

Mood swings. As it was said, you still have problems with mood swings: one moment you are happy, another you are sad or nervous … If your husband is confused and does not understand what is happening, try to explain that it is normal and ask him to support you (many husbands do not help their pregnant wives in this regard, telling themselves: “it is the hormones, she will overcome them herself “). Explain to him that even if your sadness is caused by hormones, he must stay beside you and help you get over it – not simply wait for to go away! Something else can help too: talking to a close friend, with another future mother and writing down your thoughts and feelings (a sense of release).

Medical checks. Since week 28 of pregnancy, medical examinations will be more frequent – probably every week or every two weeks – it depends on what the doctor thinks and how the pregnancy progresses. Now you will have another glucose test, a test for iron levels and an antibody test (compatibility between your blood and your baby’s blood).

Ultrasound. Perhaps the most impressive ultrasound is now, when you can clearly distinguish the baby, you can see its legs, arms and even “his manhood” – if he is a boy! But watch out – although doctors have not found any clear negative effect of ultrasounds in the developing of the baby, it is never recommended to do more ultrasounds than it’s medically necessary. In addition, although you may be tempted by a 3D ultrasound that shows you a clearer and more beautiful picture of your baby, doctors are against its use only for getting a beautiful photo. Do not expose yourself more than necessary!


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