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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Week 37 Of Pregnancy. About The Baby …


In week 37 of pregnancy, the baby measures about 50 cm and weighs about 3 kilos. Since this week, the pregnancy developed and labour can trigger at any time. The baby still develops fat that gather on its cheeks, arms and legs, so it becomes a really nice and chubby baby. Its soft skin is pink and the downy coating disappears. It can breathe very well, its lungs being fully developed. The baby should to be down in the pelvic area, positioned for birth.

The future mother:

In week 37 of pregnancy, the extra weight accumulation stops. Sometimes you can even lose a little weight, about up to a kilogram before the onset of labour, but do not worry about that, as it’s normal and does not affect the baby. You can hardly move and when you stand, you feel that it won’t be too long and the baby will go out (just a feeling)!
You should normally go to the doctor every week so that he checks your cervix dilation muscles – how large the cervix is in preparation for birth. If you have not lost the cap, it might be released now. For the baby descended into the pelvic area, you can breathe easier.
You may feel not only excited but also very tired. You have problems with high blood pressure – if your face swells too much and you feel dizziness, talk to your doctor. You got used with back and legs pain – but it won’t be long and they will go away and you’ll be able to keep your little miracle in your arms!

What to do in week 37 of pregnancy:

  •  Rest. Rest, rest… you hear only this! But it is important to make sure you do not get tired and you try to have a little nap in the afternoon. Because you become more and more excited and always expecting the birth of your baby, these emotions can lead to fears and dark thoughts. Therefore, everybody insists on rest and relaxation.
  •  Contractions. Follow your contractions and when experiencing painful contractions, count the interval between them. If they are intense and succeed at regular intervals, call your doctor. Other signs that labour begins: the loss of the gelatinous plug, draining of a pink mucus or traces of blood, diarrheal, water breaking (a colourless and odourless liquid). When contractions give you an intense pain that comes from your back in front so that it causes you breathing problems, becoming more frequent and lasting long, it is time to go to the hospital. But if you are at the first birth of a child, you can misread the signs and it may not be the genuine labour. It often happens, so do not mind it so much …
  •  Make your nest. If until now you did not have this concern, maternal instinct gives you the desire to make a nest for your baby, to prepare a safe and nice place for when it comes home. You find inside you an unknown supply of authority, but also of affection and you want to organize all of the baby’s needs. Take care of decorating the baby’s room, arranging clothes and toys. But beware of doing tiring things and do not lift objects or stay up on your feet for too long.
  •  Latest details. Whatever you forget, do it now: pack for maternity, labour planning (relaxation methods, who stays with you), arranging bottles if you bottle feed your baby, choosing formula, if you resort to this method of feeding. If until now you have not set your baby’s room, spend a funny day together with your husband while he lays the crib, table, cabinet, while you arrange and decorate.
  •  Do you have pets? If you have a cat or dog, do not worry: most of the time, animals receive the new “roommate” with affection. Speaking about the cat, do not give it too much attention to make it realize that it is not on the first place and get it used to not staying in the baby’s room. For both dogs and cats, it is important that after birth, your husband comes home alone with a blanket the baby was wrapped in – so that they get used to the baby’s smell. In the first months of the baby’s life, do not let them enter its room (but then, they will be a valuable company for the little child).
  •  Exercise ball. Try to find, if you have not done it before, a special ball for pregnant women – big balls that you can sit and jump on. Sitting on the ball and slightly bouncing on it can positively affect your posture and back pain. Light bouncing on the ball helps the baby take its position for birth.


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