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What Astronomers Say About Astrology And Its Relevance


Astrology claims to do much more than conventional sciences. So, it would be capable to use  the influence of the planets from the day a person was born in order to create a psychological profile, diagnose the generals state of health, the future relationships and professional activities. What could we want more? Astrology even seems to hold the key for all out problems and uncertainties. But we can leave enthusiasm aside. There is another category of people with their heads “in the clouds”. These are the astronomers, who, since Copernicus’ time, have been trying to find a scientific and rational explanation for the interactions between space elements, often meeting the astrological perspective too. So let’s see what astronomers say about astrology and who’s right.

Astronomers have asked some very important questions related to astrology, that we are going to explain from both points of view further on. Being a dynamic science, astronomy always finds new concepts and discoveries, while astrology remains quite fixed on certain planets that surround us, without taking into consideration some clear errors. For a long while, the two activities existed in parallel, ignoring each other until the 70’s, when an explosion of more or less scientific treaties could be seen on both sides. What astronomers say about astrology however, should raise at least a few questions, before we start ruling our lives according to the claims of some so-called specialists. Let’s go to the questions themselves:

Recently, it was discovered that because of the moon’s attraction, somewhere in the zodiac a month was “skipped”. Is it still applicable? According to some recent research, as years passed, each person’s zodiac sign was calculated incorrectly, so we should all have the zodiac sign previous to the one we know now. Cancer would become Gemini, while Taurus would become Aries, according to the studies performed by the scientists at the Planetarium Society in Minnesota. This discovery would not be unique in history, Libra being introduced only in the time of the Romans, while another constellation, of the snake, was excluded. So, what astronomers say about astrology is that it relies on fake information, based on ancient errors and so should not be taken seriously.

Do the constellations invoked by the astrologers really exist? Clearly, whoever goes to an astronomic observatory can see with a little help all the constellations invoked by the astrologers. But, if we get out of the influence of the Earth and we were to look at them, let’s say from a comet passing through the solar system, we would not be able to see these constructions. In fact, the constellations were created by human imagination in order to make the universe closer and less separated from the images we can see everyday around us. But these stars, which in our minds create images like the Gemini of the Scorpio, are situated millions of light years away from each other. Watching from another corner of the galaxy we would probably see other images. So, what astronomers say about astrology is that is based on a conception in which the Earth is in the centre of the universe. This theory was accepted in the time of Ptolemy, but now is known to be old and false, so improper to be considered as the centre of a science. Some astrologers however consider that we see these images due to a superior force who wants us to see them there. But could this be true?

Why don’t galaxies and black holes influence us? Many astronomers ask themselves quite reasonably why massive and very powerful objects are not considered by the astrologers. Maybe because they had not been discovered at the time when this pseudo-science was created; but they could exert their control over our lives without anyone knowing, thus making predictions made so far fake. Astrologers respond briefly that they are trying to include them too, but it will take some time.

When the first astrological tables were created, the last three planets had not been discovered. Are they wrong? What astronomers say about astrology in this case is that once with the new discoveries, all the bases of the astrology shake, considering fake statements and then changing perspectives along the way. Astronomers respond by saying that they don’t improvise, but “enrich” what they already knew.

What is this force planets have? Astronomers got to make all sorts of tests in order to see whether planets emit some sort of energy towards the Earth, which could modify out behavior. The answer was: no energy found. Undetectable in any way known to us, this energy seems no tot depend on distance, making us wonder whether it follows any pattern established by science. Some astrologers tried to explain the phenomenon through complicated terms like quantum entanglement, which apparently they did not understand, making their explanations even vaguer.

Finally, what astronomers say about astrology is that it should not be allowed to lead out lives, especially because it has shaky bases. A fun discussion with an astrologer should do no harm, being actually good to relax. But some use this advice in order to give up their work or propose to someone, decisions which are too important to be based on a pseudo-science. As one in four people thinks that astrology is reliable up to a point, unhappy events may happen. So, in Japan, in 1966, the number of births dropped by 25% because the astrologers considered that year bad for marriages. Maybe we should just think more about it.


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