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What To Do To Prepare The Body For Pregnancy


  1. Healthy diet. Get rid of snacks: fast food, sweets, fried foods, snacks, bad fats. Adopt a regular schedule of meals and healthy foods. Get your fill of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure you get enough vitamins: it is better to turn to dietary supplements and multivitamin complexes. Do not think about restrictive diets and not skip the main meals of the day! Avoid overeating – you have to form and maintain a healthy body weight.
  2. Folic acid. You hear everywhere how important it is to insure the necessary intake of folic acid – it is true! Preparing the body for pregnancy requires taking folic acid supplements for at least a few months (six months is best). Folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) ensures a harmonious development of the baby’s neural tube in his first months of life. You avoid the risk of brain and spinal cord defects in the fetus.
  3. Sport. It is not necessary to start doing sports very often, but try doing some regular physical activity. Even long walks in fresh air can help. Your body needs to be healthy and strong in order to host the baby. It is essential to get a healthy body weight- adequate for your age and height. So, a little sport can help in case you are overweight, but it can also help you strengthen your resistance and immunity and in case you are underweight, too. Physical movement offers a physical tonus and a positive mental, so try to integrate weekly a type of exercise in your schedule for some time (at least for six months): swimming, walking, cycling, jogging, even going to the gym or yoga (which relaxes the mind considerably).
  4. Medical tests. You and the future father have to get complete medical tests. These are necessary to detect any affection that may cause difficulties in the evolution of pregnancy. In addition, you have to check the presence of genetic abnormalities in your families, as you can pass on these abnormalities to the baby. The child’s health essentially depends on your health as parents.
  5. Eliminating vices. Preparing the body for pregnancy requires getting rid of some risky vices some time in advance: frequent consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs. Do not think that you will quit after getting pregnant: it will be more difficult. In addition, the effects of alcohol and tobacco on the body remain present much longer, so it is better to give up on these habits before a few months at least.
  6. Regular daily schedule. Get your life in order and ensure a regular schedule, get used to regular meals and a regular sleep schedule. Do not work too much before and during pregnancy! Avoid sources of stress and make sure you get enough rest for a long time.

But preparing the body for pregnancy is not enough: training is also essential for the mind and the soul! Try to be spiritually and emotionally ready for the major changes will that follow. Find out about the changes your body and mind will go through and accept them. Make sure that you have a harmonious couple relationship, because the support of your life partner is very important. Do not think about a baby if your relationship is not how you want to be at the moment. Think of yourself as a mother and see if that thought makes you happy. It is not recommended to make this big step before you actually feel ready.

Remember: you should not see pregnancy as a personal sacrifice, but a fulfillment! If you are a little scared by the thought, it is normal! But if you are really panicked, have doubts and only see bad parts, then it is better to wait. A good and happy mother is a mother who really wanted the baby and looks it like a wonderful gift!


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