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Whatafy – Did You Ever Wonder If Astrologers Can Really Predict Your Future

Like most people today, you have probably asked yourself at least once if there really is any substance to the belief of astrologers being able to predict the future, or more specifically your future based upon planetary alignments and influences.

Astronomy, the elder, widely respected scientific brother of astrology, is the ability to predict the future through the core benefit of careful study of nature. Astronomy itself is a respected fellow of science, whereas the field of astrology is based rather on the speculative science of nature. The two remain very distinct fields of study and are completely separate in thought and practice from each other.

There are exceptions to this fundamental rule though, as for example in India, Astrology falls into the Vedic Sciences, and is an intrinsic part of everyday life in culture and belief. Future astrologers find themselves able to obtain a degree in Astrology since its considered to be one of the sciences there.

In the Islamic world, astrologers and astrology leave a negative connotation, which opposes the monotheistic belief by the contrary beliefs of practicing magic and is considered one of the gravest sins.

Consulting the signs of the zodiac as a means of interpreting events in prophecy and fortune telling began around 700 BC. Astrologers are now generally known as being able to read the stars and since the birth of astrology, it has developed further to the point of being the principal source for most prophecy. Over the years, astrologers have evolved and developed their skills into a complex system which seeks to give answers to a variety of specific questions. Astrology currently holds the common belief that depending on the position of the stars at the time of a persons birth, their life and/or destiny can be predicted.

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