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Why don`t mothers understand children?
Every teenager has a period when he/she hates his/her mother.I had my period too and I couldn't stand my mother for not letting me doing what I want. I think moms expect us to do this when they don't allow us to do the things we want,of course for our good (but at that age we can't understand this). But is it really so good to say all the time no at our demands? And be grounded, with no money? I don't think it is a good idea. Because at that point of my life, I wanted to talk with my mother and say to her a lot of things, but I didn't because if she knew she wouldn't let me do them. So I lied to her. So wouldn't it be better if moms would have a little more faith in us? I know that they are scared of not doing wrong things but if we talk with them and they know the truth I know it would make me feel much better. Maybe I am wrong...You what relationship do you have with your mother?
26.08.2014, 12:56
Rank: 7
This month:
Mum understands her children perfectly and that is why some of them are very severe, unyielding and staunch. They remember the time they were in our shoes and they do not want us to get hurt or get in trouble because of our native curiosity or because of our simple-mindness. They should learn how to control their scare, their protective instinct and let the relationship between her and her daughter loose. A child needs to discover, to see, to experience everything, that you as a child also did or maybe much more, one needs to start feeling independent, needs to feel that everything could happen she or he will still have your trust and support. It is a dangerous world but a person builds up a sane and upright life if it feels that his life is in his hands and in his full responsibility. Reality must be perceived by teenagers and must be faced the tact that each and every action they will take they will support all the consequences, but the parents will feel it much harder if we refer to a negative experience. However, a mother must have a strong relationship based on communication with her daughter, but must let her decide things and learn how to be a responsible adult. Mothers do not let children do something because they know it is not good for them, the worst is that the harder you try to behave your teenager the more he or she will do it and many times without you knowing it. So you have to learn, eventually, to accept your child the way he is and not the way you want him to be, upon all to respect him and his feelings and opinions and make assure him that you as a parent are his best adviser.
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