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Random Facts About Sirius Black

Who is Sirius Black?

If you’re looking for information on the personality of Sirius Black, you’ve come to the right place. Sirius Black is a very similar personality to his sexy alter ego, James Sirius.


Sirius Black is a fictional character, and is the name of the dog star Sirius. Sirius is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, and its name derives from the Ancient Greek “seirios,” which means “glowing.” In Greek mythology, Sirius was the dog of the god Orion. He also received the name Lokabrenna, which means “black dog.” In Norse mythology, Sirius was the dog of Loki, who was the trickster god.

While at Hogwarts, Sirius learned how to transform into an Animagus, and was the animagus who kept Remus Lupin company as he underwent his werewolf transformation. Sirius’ Patronus most likely took the form of a large black dog, which was able to communicate with Crookshanks. It’s possible that Sirius’ Patronus took the same form, but it’s not known.

Harry Potter’s godfather

Sirius Black is the godfather of Harry Potter. He is a very dangerous escaped convict from
Azkaban. The wizarding world has warned the Muggle world about Black’s escape, but the
Muggle authorities are not able to stop him. Black was once accused of murdering thirteen
people twelve years earlier, including twelve Muggles and one wizard. His escape caused a
great panic in the Muggle world. During the book, the Witch Watchers, a special Ministry force, failed to capture Black, though Muggle authorities did warn Black that he was dangerous.

In the book, Sirius tells Harry about his parents, Regulus Black, and various members of his family. Although he is ashamed of his family, he does not like being related to them, and doesn’t like being back in Grimmauld Place. After the events of the Deathly Hallows, Sirius is reunited with his family. But, as he has been a prisoner for almost ten years, his role as godfather is now more important than ever.

Friend of James Potter

James Potter was born without siblings. He therefore needed a friend his own age who would help him with his mischievous ways. In Sirius, James found a brother-in-trouble who he could share mischief with. The two were like Weasley twins, or the Harry and Ron of their time. Sirius was a friend of James’, who saved him from a dark youth and dedicated his short life to battling evil.

He has dog-like qualities. James Potter describes Sirius as having dog-like traits when he points out Snape. His yellow teeth and waxy skin make him appear a little unattractive. Minerva McGonagall, a student of Hogwarts, calls him a powerful wizard. The students of Hogwarts see him as an attractive and talented student.

Friend of Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black have been best friends for fifteen years. The three of them had to act as fake friends for the last fifteen years, but their love for each other never diminished. The two friends became inseparable and by book five, Sirius and Lupin are living together in secret. Even though Sirius was framed for a murder, he remained fiercely devoted to Lupin. Sirius is kind and gentle with Marlene Mckinnon, while his past relationships with Petter Pettigrew were more abusive. Both men were unsure whether Sirius was guilty, but he was willing to try anything to help Lupin.

They met during their fifth year at Hogwarts, and were friends until the end of their lives. They had fought together in the Battle of the Seven Potters. Lupin and Sirius wanted to kill Peter for betraying James and Lily, but Harry didn’t want his father’s friends to be killers. He wanted to bring Peter to justice for the murder of his father, but he did not want them to be killed in the process.

Sirius was a charm-worker

The Deathly Hallows is a fictional world where the magical creature Sirius Black was a famous charm-worker. Sirius appears as a ghostly figure, and he helps Harry Potter in his walk into death. He assures Harry that dying is much easier than falling asleep and also promises that Lily, James, and Lupin will always be a part of him. The Deathly Hallows is one of the most acclaimed and well-known Harry Potter books.

He was also a gifted magician, able to perform defensive magic, human transfiguration, and Disarming and Stunning spells. While he was not a pureblood, his magical ability was impressive. His family was horribly damaged by the Second World War, but Sirius’s friendship with them was unbreakable. Eventually, Sirius met his cousin Bill and he was introduced to his cousin Charlie and his brother Percy. Sirius grew to love them both. He had a healthier relationship with his uncle Alphard.

He was a member of the First Order

Before the Death of the Potters, Sirius and Rubeus Hagrid were friends. They were both members of the First Order and likely fought together in several battles of the First Wizarding War. Although they initially thought of each other as traitors, Sirius eventually revealed his true nature. Sirius also appeared friendly with Mundungus Fletcher, who stole Sirius’ possessions after his death.

Sirius was born in the year 2000 and was the youngest of six children. He grew up in a small village near the Thames River. He was the eldest son of a rich man and the younger brother of a famous witch. He was disinherited from his parents at an early age and moved in with James Potter. When he was eight years old, Sirius met the mysterious and beautiful Albus Dumbledore.

He hated mushrooms

Sirius Black hated mushrooms. This was a habit he developed as a child. The poisonous mushrooms were so disgusting that his parents didn’t want him to eat them. But, with the passing of time, he began to develop a taste for them. After all, his parents were Slytherins and his friends are Slytherins, too. Sirius had always resisted eating mushrooms, so he had to work harder to change that.

One day, Sirius met a girl, Hannah. They were at the same park, and Sirius gave her a smug look. She looked at him, but Sirius was already running past her, his tongue out. He then jumped into the pond, making a massive splash. Sirius didn’t know Hannah’s mother at that time, so the two kids didn’t talk about her.

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