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Auto Business Drools Over Chevys New Colorado Concept

Once again auto business has already begun the massive drooling over the new Chevy Colorado concept.

The news of this new Chevrolet concept opened first in the Bangkok International Auto Show where Chevy fans and buyers alike were shown the true futuristic detail of the Chevy Colorado. This new sleek designs came a shock to some, but it still held up to the Chevy quality.

Chevy has been known to push the boundaries of the auto business before and this new concept design for the Chevy Colorado is no different. This new concept design featured a rugged yet sleek exterior with extended cab and all-wheel drive chassis. While some went crazy over the sleek design, others were enticed by the 20 inch wheels and hardcore off-road tires.

If this wasnt enough to make every person, in and out of the auto business, want one right there on the spot, the 2.8 liter turbo-diesel engine certainly completed the dramatic moment. While this engine does sound like the perfect plan, many wonder if it will even make into the U.S.

The design of the exterior is another site to behold with side steps that are integrated and headlamps that are projector-styled.

Many wondered why this new concept design was being introduced in Thailand ahead of every other area of the world. The idea was simple. Thailand is the capital of the world for having small-sized pickup trucks. This particular model of the Chevy Colorado was an incredible design that would certain caters to the needs of this precise area.

One thing is for certain when it comes to the new concept design behind the Chevy Colorado, whether you are in the auto business or not, you will be drooling, not over an idea, but over the physical presence of this hard-hitting pickup.

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