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Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival is a magnificent dancing event in Brasil which occurs every year in Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janeiro, also known as Rio, is a showy city with a total surface of 1256 kmp and 6.150.000 population.
The main idea of the Carnival is the floats who runs along a route each one representing a Samba School.
Next to the floats there is a huge crowd who dance, party and scream making a fabulous atmosphere.

The carnivals have a great history in Brasil, they are a part of their roots. The Rio Carnival concept is for the first time encountered on 18th century
when it was brought by the portuguese who were inspired from the Paris culture and later from American and African culture.

The Carnival fascination 
The running floats belong to samba Schools who compete one against other by choosing a theme. A theme contains a mixture of well looking floats, costumes,
dancing, music and atmosphere. Every school contains a number of 6 – 8 floats and an impressive number of participants.
The Samba Schools involved in the contest are not just professional schools, but also neighbours can perform in streets in the Carnival time.
The brasilian women are known as the hottest women in the world. So, this is probably the main attraction of the Rio Carnival. The female participants are
summary dressed creating an exciting atmosphere around the floats.

The Rio Carnival attract not just the habitants, but also an impressive number of tourists. This fact makes the Rio Carnival "the greatest show on Earth"
and the biggest party in the world as many said.

This year, the Rio Carnival is scheduled on March 5th and next year on the February 18th and thousands of tourists are expected to join the party.

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