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Things To Avoid During Pregnancy


What should you avoid during pregnancy? If it is your first baby, you are probably hearing all sorts of pieces of advice from everywhere – some of them realistic, others quite strange. For instance, has your grandmother told you not to wear beads because the baby is strangled or that you will definitely lose a tooth? Has your mother told you “to eat for two” and avoid dyeing your hair or waxing your legs because it harms your little one or that it causes contractions?

Well, if you have been assaulted with such caring pieces of advice – the previous ones only being “superstitions of old people” – than you probably don’t even know what it good and what has absolutely no influence on the evolution of the pregnancy. This article will tell you what to avoid during the pregnancy.

First of all, as much as possible, avoid stress! The stress affects your physical and psychical state negatively and through their deterioration – inclusively the in-uterus development of the baby. You might say: “what is there for me to do if I’m stressed?” Try to avoid the activities and people you know that stress and annoy you. Do you hate paying taxes and vacuuming? Pass these activities to your husband at least during the pregnancy – he should understand you! Do you hate being around an annoying friend or co-worker?

Avoid her as much as possible and if she follows you, reject her with an acid line. Try having a schedule that includes a daily hour of relaxation, during which you should only do what you want – instead of what you have to do. Remember that stress is risky because it may lead to depressions during pregnancy and black thoughts are your most dangerous enemies! If you cannot get rid of stress and worries through simple relaxation, search for breathing and meditation techniques in personal development classes and neurological programming (online or in psychology magazines); you’ll see that they are easy to apply and efficient!

Alimentary excesses – from both perspectives – don’t eat “for two”, don’t stuff yourself uselessly because being overweight may affect your pregnancy and you will have problems losing the additional kilograms after childbirth. On the other hand, under no circumstances should you go on a diet – especially one that might deprive you of vitamins, minerals and proteins that are so necessary for the development of the fetus.

In addition avoid fat aliments such as fast-food, excessive sweets on an empty stomach and any low quality aliments: the ones that contain preservers, food coloring or cheep cold cuts. Avoid steaks in blood (you might ingest parasite eggs), roes, sea fruits, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk. Be careful with coffee: doctors have not come to a conclusion regarding its effects on the fetus or the pregnancy, so be cautious because certain doctors warn that the main ingredient – caffeine – may cause real problems!

So consume maximum one cup of coffee or black tea per day and avoid certain beverages that contain caffeine and other harming substances: Coke, Pepsi, energizers. And of course, the golden rules: avoid alcohol, tobacco, drugs of any type and even carbonated juices. When you have a mad craving for an element on the forbidden list and nothing works to relinquish it, satisfy you craving but in small quantities!

What should you avoid during pregnancy when it comes to medicines? The most important thing is that you have to consult a doctor for every medicine you take because even a common pill for a headache may seriously harm the development of your fetus. For instance, Ibuprofen is very dangerous, especially during the last trimester. The daily Aspirin is also risky. Many of the antibiotics and vaccines have high risks. Even some naturist remedies and natural teas may endanger you, even if you might think that they are harmless, so it would be a good idea to make a list of permitted medicines at the beginning of your pregnancy. Harmless plants such as basil, ginseng or wormwood may cause contractions or other inconveniences.

What should you avoid during pregnancy regarding physical movement? It is even recommendable, healthy and relaxing to adopt a program of physical exercises; but be careful and ask your doctor what types of sports you are allowed to practice. Avoid any types of sports if you have cardiac, pulmonary, respiratory problems or a multiple pregnancy. However, if your health is sound, it is recommendable to exercise.

Avoid all exercises that require too much effort and strength; standing up for a long while, weightlifting or jumps. Generally, the exercises don’t involve normal sessions of aerobic and fitness because they are dangerous both for you as well as for the fetus. There is special gymnastics for pregnant women, yoga and swimming. During the last trimester, however, it would be better not to force yourself at all.

Is sex harmful? No – if you don’t suffer from a condition or a health problem. Ask your doctor if there are risks from the first month of pregnancy. During the last two months, unfortunately, it would be better to avoid it completely although it hasn’t been proved that it harms the fetus.

Pets? Indeed, cats may get you sick through feces with toxoplasmosis and dogs through saliva with intestinal parasites. This doesn’t mean that you should throw them out, but that you shouldn’t get involved in cleaning and feeding them and that you should always wash your hands after touching them. The most important: don’t let them sleep in your bed with you, even if they give you the puppy eyes! They will get accustomed to sleeping in another room.


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