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Tourism And Economic Growth Of A Country

Tourism can boost the economy of a country. A country may be a small dot on the globe but it can gain international recognition if it has something unique to offer foreign travellers. Philippines for instance is a very small country but tourist flock to this archipelago because it has the Mayon Volcano noted for its perfect cone. This country is as well famed for its Tubbataha Reef which is considered to be one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

Travelling has become an important part of peoples lives. People would scrimp and save to be able to finance a dream vacation. Tourists may travel for fun and leisure or for business. Both types of tourists will seek recreational activities unique to the country visited. The growth of tourism in a particular country is translated to economic progress. An in flock of tourists would open doors for key businesses. Tourists would need accommodations thus hotel business will flourish. Due to the influx of tourists locals will venture into car rentals, malls, restaurants and recreational facilities businesses as well. These businesses will provide locals with employment. Tourism would generate revenues for the government. The taxes generated will help in developing the country. The government will undertake infrastructure projects like highways and airports to attract more tourists. Projects of this kind will benefit the locals as well as it is one way of boosting the economy. Tourists can bring in trade businesses. A lot of direct and indirect business ventures result when tourists bring home local products.

A flourishing tourism industry will be translated to the growth of local business that will consequently open employment opportunities for the locals. These businesses associated with tourism will bring in foreign currencies that will strengthen the countrys economy.

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