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Self-importance for you: why do people make it a priority in their everyday life?
We can seldom admit that our ego or self-importance is our most precious ally in some small or big conflicts or even in other different situations. On the other hand, almost everytime it is the thing that we show it when we feel treated with disrespect, we are humiliated, we haven't been treated with justice and so on. Moreover, let's say ego is the best "medicine" or "pill" when somebody does not agree with us, does not have the same opinion or has a totally different vision about life than us. If we cannot admit that self-importance destroys relationships and people themselves without them even noticing this, then i dare you to tell me what is your point of view about this subject and how could us, people, treat this ego? Do we want to?
24.07.2014, 08:39
Rank: 7
This month:
Ego is a nonsense and I have tried long and hard to understand the reason why some people display it. My personal opinion is that they want to hide their vulnerability and thus show fake confidence through ego. Nobody wants to feel and especially look weak, so people alter their image. This is only stupid because nobody likes to talk with a person that's full of himself.
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