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What are the causes of canker sores?
What are the causes of canker sores?
30.07.2014, 20:11
Rank: 7
This month:
The causes that lead to these small and painful lesions are numerous. One factor that causes oral Canker sores is hygiene and health of the mouth. There are many cases when Canker sores occur because of superficial hygiene or because of the existence of cavities. Cavities are the real source of infection throughout the body, but especially for the mouth because bacteria multiply and spread with great rapidity. The plaque is also a very big problem because in areas where it is present, bacteria grow quickly. Therefore the treatment of dental problems is a first step to remove the source of getting Canker sores.Another factor that causes Canker sores is the presence of Candida. Candida is present in the oral mucosa, digestive tract or even the healthy peoples skin, but its actions are limited by the presence of other bacteria. But it is possible that due to drugs or stress, these bacteria limiting the action of Candida to disappear, so that it will evolve as a determinant factor of the occurrence of oral Candiasis. Pharyngeal exudates may look exactly if its oral Candiasis.Stress is another cause of Canker sores. Other factors that lead to Canker sores are medications, especially birth control pills and also antibiotics, a diet low in vitamins, certain irritating foods or a weakened immune system. Canker sores can also occur during pregnancy and during treatment with chemotherapy. Dehydration is another factor in favour of developing Canker sores. Canker sores can occur at any age, but it was noted that children are more susceptible than adults.
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