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Green Tea And Pregnancy


The green tea effects on the adult organism

Green tea is extremely beneficial to the body, containing large quantities of antioxidants that bring so much help to the adult body, but, on the other hand, it is totally harmful to pregnant women. The consequences can be very severe. Women who just found out they are pregnant should go to a nutritionist if they don’t know what to consume during pregnancy, moreover, they must make a list with forbidden products such as cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and fats. Green tea and pregnancy can be a rather complicated equation if a moderate consume is not established. Green tea is generally used as a weight loss treatment, given its quality to delay skin aging, but is also used to improve the memory, reduce tarter deposit on teeth, prevent the appearance of cavities, help fighting obesity, reduce physical and mental fatigue and the list can go on apparently only with positive aspects of green tea consumption. But when used in excess, it will definitely be harmful to the being growing inside your uterus. A delicate life has to be protected from the very beginning and in no way treated with health recovery nutrients because the baby must develop naturally, in an appropriate environment.

 How does the excessive consume evolve within a pregnant woman’s body?

Green tea and pregnancy can cohabit for 9 months if the consume is moderate. Taking into consideration that it contains caffeine which is also harmful when used excessively, when choosing green tea, it would be recommended to forget about coffee or prepare minimal quantities of both. During pregnancy, experts say that the maximum amount of coffee permitted is two cups, which should also be light or, if you consume green tea, you should better resume to one cup of coffee and one of green tea. More exactly, when consuming green tea during pregnancy, the following phenomenon occurs: EGCG molecules (epigallocatechins) become structurally similar to a compound called methotrexate, which in turn kills cancer cells by chemically binding to an enzyme in the body called dihydrofolate- reductase (DHFR).

Healthy people also have this enzyme, being a component of what is called the path of folates, which in medical terms would mean the process our body goes through to transform nutrients into substances that can be used to support the organism’s normal functioning. Shortly, as an excessive green tea consume consequence, this normal activity of the body can be interrupted, especially with an organism that is in full growth and which must be conceived in an exactly natural manner without any other implications. Unfortunately, maximum quantities for consuming these substances contained by green tea are unknown, but a clear alarm sign can definitely be raised for excessive use. Researchers who studied the equation green tea-pregnancy reached the conclusion that drinking two cups of green tea can stop cancer cell growth, so the methotrexate won’t have any target, so it will only harm the organism, having nothing to fight against. However, you mustn’t worry; because during pregnancy, coffee, tea or any other types of nutrients that contain this substance are allowed, just consume it moderately!

Actual effects of green tea during pregnancy

Excessive caffeine consume, contained both by coffee and green tea or black tea can lead to low birth weight or more dangerously, to miscarriage, being fatal to both mother and child. The consume of 16 cups of green tea per day, actually meaning the replacement of water or other liquids can also lead to stillbirth. Specialists recommend a maximum quantity of 3 cups of coffee, green or black tea a day, and if you desire to consume all three types, you should better have just one of each. Moreover, you should also consult a doctor, especially if your lifestyle and diet implies a lot of caffeine. Most of the times, what you consider to be healthy for yourselves, can only harm a young, developing life and the one affected won’t be only the baby but his carrier too, considering that a stillbirth can have serious physical and psychological consequences.


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