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Prenatal Preparation – Steps Towards A Healthier Pregnancy


Prenatal training, information, education and the future parents’ adaptation represent an important step that influences how a woman lives her pregnancy and adapts to major changes in her life. A problem that often arises is the lack of knowledge and practical training, but it can also be emotional, in the case of first baby.

Prenatal preparation is for both – not only the pregnant woman goes through a big change in her life. And unfortunately, many prenatal classes include too little – they provide some information on pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, focusing on labor and birth. But there is a lot of information some prospective parents need to know!

A good prenatal training provides insight, being for women’s health and pregnancy outcome, while partners can get some control, knowledge and vision regarding this great change. Too many pregnant women go through pregnancy without adequate knowledge and support – the good part is that you can be your own teachers! Find out everything important about living the pregnancy practically and emotionally, as long as you do not ignore the importance of prenatal education, but seek for trusted sources of information; also find a really good doctor, a doctor willing to listen and advise when you need it.
Especially for those waiting for the first baby and especially for those not planning a pregnancy – the whole experience can lead to fear, insecurity: so one may believe she is actually not ready!

Prenatal training – what not to forger:

Prenatal tests. After detecting the pregnancy, the first step is to set prenatal tests that will show if there are risk factors in the pregnancy. But before that, you need to find a doctor who you trust – seek advice and talk to more doctors: it is very important that the future mother is comfortable with her choice and that he is willing to give any advice required . The mother and the doctor should have a long relationship and have the same vision on pregnancy and birth, which is essential for a quality relationship (so, talk to your doctor and see if he is suitable). Returning to prenatal tests: find out about every medical test required and optional and see which may be helpful (some doctors are happy with routine tests, but you should ask for a list of optional tests).

Read about pregnancy! Books, articles – the more knowledge you have (from reliable sources), the better! You will feel a little more confident, more prepared, more in control – and this is most important. Get information about the evolution of pregnancy every month and the changes that you can expect, about tests, about possible complications and risk factors, about signs of possible problems, but do not get shot down and stressed by the thought of possible complications! This does not mean living in fear and act like you are sick! Yes, knowing what complications can occur and their signs gives you power and control! But living in fear and expecting the worst may steal you this experience …

Diet. Ask the doctor for a list of forbidden foods or risky during pregnancy. Adopt a healthier diet for a healthy pregnancy (and, of course, get rid of addictions)!

Harmful substances. Enquire about any substances that might harm pregnancy: drugs, dyes, essential oils, natural extracts.

Exercise. From the beginning, try to move regularly (from simple walks in the fresh air to gymnastics at home, especially for pregnant women) in order to have an easier pregnancy. Regular physical movement will have great effects on your mood.

Method of delivery. Choose how you will give birth to baby: natural childbirth, C-section, birth with an epidural. Do not get persuaded by others and choose the option that suits you. A natural birth is great – it means that you see it as natural and positive, but it is not for everyone – if you live in fear of pain and you feel unsafe, you can choose another alternative. Yet be aware that now the most important is that the baby was born healthy! Also realize that if you want a natural birth, you may still need a C-section, but as long as the baby is healthy, it is hardly important …

Prenatal classes. Subscribe to prenatal classes, but if you can, choose extensive modules that include more information than only about labor and birth itself. You will meet other prospective parents and you can talk. You will learn about labor, birth, lactation, early days with baby.

Learn relaxation techniques and meditation. They are not only beneficial during labor – but are actually techniques that help you whenever you feel a little sad, angry, fearful, stressed … So anytime during pregnancy also relaxation techniques and meditation to learn to think and live positively!

Prepare your home for your new family member. This is an activity that will keep you busy and that reminds you how wonderful this period is – decorate the baby’s room or corner, buy furniture and accessories and the trousseau And why not organize a baby shower?

Plan the birth day. A plan will definitely make you feel safer. But … be aware that the baby does not care about your calculations …

Live your pregnancy positively, reminding yourself that you will soon embrace the person that you love more than you can imagine! Do not act as if you were sick – enjoy your pregnancy because, even though it may seem like it has no end, everything will end soon and you may feel that you did not get the most of it! Write in diary, take photos – and keep the memories …

Finally, prenatal education will help you live positively this experience and will make you feel safer, ready to go to be parents …


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