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The 9 Business Secrets You Should Know


When we stop in front of a wall, the force that occurs is almost inexistent, but when hitting that wall, the force can be fatal – that’s why, in the enterprise domain nothing is carried out successfully, absolutely nothing being done by taking big and unsecure steps without a previously well-established plan in which chances to fail are great, but those to succeed are infinitely greater. Risks must be assumed, to the same extent as each part of the business plan must be well considered, from the type of the business to the smallest detail possible.

Each line, number or line marked upon a conclusion have to be well-reasoned, while risks, in their turn, must be speculated and the eventual profit has to be expected only after a long period of work, confidence and, of course, work supported by patience. And so, the paradox is that exactly the businesses that were initially granted no chances, result in an enviable success that no competition or other entrepreneurs could imagine until that moment.

Even so, this mustn’t become a rule, but should rather be a model of complete confidence and also of work. For example, the image of a domain is most often shaped by a sole brand, one company, one business; its forms, the consumers’ requests and vision are eventually imposed by a single company that we believe to hold all those business secrets that any entrepreneur would want. It’s not really so because there are no business secrets that would suit any domain, firm, company or entrepreneur. Instead, there are those secrets that relate to mentality, which can change it and which do not only simulate success but also mobilize things whenever necessary and can bring success.

  1. Choose a domain that you control and like!

As mentioned before, the image of a domain can be shaped by a single brand, a single company; and when an entrepreneur will choose a domain that he/she doesn’t like and cannot control completely, this will become one of the hardest steps to take since the beginning. For example, let’s take into consideration that a upstart painter, an artist with a particular sensitivity will form a rugby team just because this sport is well-seen and of course, equally profitable. Which would be his vision is hard to assume, but about the results, we think we can all figure it out.

  1. Clearly set your objectives!

Before embarking together with all your dreams, clearly set your objectives – what you want exactly, what you seek to obtain and for how long you are willing to personally attend to your business. Then, you will observe opportunities, what your chosen domain offers but also the type of business you chose. In other words, the dreams you took along with your new business must have correspondents in reality, must be as practical as possible in order to eventually overcome that idle state of dreams.

Only in this way will you be able to raise your business from what used to be a dream. On the other hand, you and your business’s objectives or purposes will tend towards perfection and the expression “let it be” will no longer exist within the business mentality. Things will be done well and according to the plan, or not be done at all. Determination is another business secret.

  1. Learn to overcome your limits!

There is no doubt that having a particular vision also means being one of those people who can eventually achieve success. It doesn’t matter what your limits, options or chances are: these are created, and in the same time, are overcome, because only in this way, will the business you want to start be different; thus it will represent an extra chance or option for the chosen domain, and will fortunately end up shaping its general image.

Take the example of the Apple Company which had a vision. Nowadays, all the other domain companies spin around the Apple products, and what we thought to be a successful gadget has considerably changed once the American company asserted itself on the market. In other words, learn to overcome your limits, thoughts and, why not, aim as high as you can. After all, business secrets depend on each person’s vision.

  1. Work ceaselessly!

The bar can never be lowered, at no point when the business is functioning, neither when it is at its first stage, nor when you have started to achieve most of your objectives. On the contrary, reaching a performance means even more work to be done as this is a way to prove that it didn’t happen randomly and, in the same time, prepare for a second one. You shouldn’t think of work as of an idea, a concept to be applied only by others. Work is equally for the employee what it is for the employer. Let’s not mention that time is money and 8 hours a day not only that are insufficient, but for any business, are useless.

  1. Learn to save up!

It is said that one flower is not enough to bring spring. If you are set on this idea, you will most surely fail. It’s true that one flower cannot bring spring, but more surely can. Learn how to save up, be moderate and, more than this, count every penny to know exactly where and on what you will spend it. And you must also know if it’s worth it or not. On the other hand, saving up doesn’t mean being miser or excessively moderated. Some employers have the tendency to exaggerate, eventually ending up depriving others of what they actually deserve. Let’s not forget that this is also one of the business secrets, which makes us turn towards the next point.

  1. Motivate your employees!

A fully satisfied employee is an employee that can achieve great performances. Motivate them and ensure the best work conditions for them. It’s true that during the first months all you can offer them is a warm handshake, a few congratulations and the promise that their rewarding time will come soon. Do not think that this kind of compensation doesn’t help, especially if you’re working with young, energetic and smart people, who are aware that they are at the beginning of the road.

  1. Let your creativity guide you!

You may have already seen your business closing up on success. Even so, do not indulge yourself with this and lower your bar, but you must fight even harder; but and how is that possible? – With the help of your creativity, of course. Try finding new solutions, coming up with something else, but still, do not try to take a huge step to cover a larger portion of your road to success, which would normally take you 2 or 3 steps.

You will always find new alternatives to immediately use if your initial plan fails. Moreover, being original can also represent a first sign of success and the examples we have around us speak for themselves. Anyway, you mustn’t exaggerate with anything, as this is a sign of despair. In business is like in love: if you show desperation, your partner will perceive you as being weak and hence will end up believing that he/she can make anything out of you.

  1. Be flexible!

When talking about this secret, we go back to the Apple example, more exactly the reactions other companies in the domain had to resist on the market, namely to avoid collapse. We will of course take the example of iPads and their impact on the entire vision – the other companies had to immediately think about other products that could compete with the popular IPad. Tendencies change, clients look for something else. Be flexible, pay attention to each move from the competitors and try to attack it, not directly, but with your firm or company’s products and services. Change your objectives according to these factors, and more importantly, be flexible depending on what your clients dictate. After all, you will remain on the market because of them.

  1. Be surprising!

It is well-known that each client expects something in particular when thinking about the products and services offered by your company. Be surprising and try to offer them something new each time, maybe even something better and more accessible. Curiosity means sales, and sales mean success. Either you have a restaurant or a boarding house, offer your clients much more than they have expected. For example, if a family comes for the first time to stay at your boarding house, you can offer them a 30% discount for all expenses.

In this way, you will show them you care for your clients, you will definitely surprise them and they will most probably come back or recommend the place to their friends. It’s true that this percentage may seem like a great loss, especially if in the beginning, however, for the future, this is a small loss that can bring along great earnings. Actually, satisfying your clients is again, not necessarily one of the business secrets, but probably the most important one!


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