Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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The Banking World Against Its Clients

As many people may have already noticed, the rising amount of fees in banking systems has single-handedly put a halt to many people opening up accounts. Banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America are already cashing in on the new wave of profits that they stand to earn by changing their system of accounts.

These banks, as well as many others, have decided that there is no longer a use for free checking accounts and have also sent their ATM fees soaring. Banking systems everywhere have decided to sky rocket the amount of fees they charge on accounts and ATMs. If you have not already noticed, you can say bye bye to Free Checking accounts nearly everywhere. Banks now charge monthly maintenance fees just to have an account if you do not meet a certain amount of requirements. These requirements range anywhere from requiring a monthly direct deposit of $100.00 or more to maintaining a balance of $1,500.00 on a daily basis.

Needless to say, plenty of clients for banks are completely outraged and protests of these changes are constantly being held. Many banking systems claim that their so-called free checking accounts cost them more than $300 a year, even if the person did not use the account that much. Some still doubt the reasoning behind this major shift in fees and account setups, while others actually believe it. There are still those who fail to see how banks are losing out on this money when they still charge many other fees in their banking systems. There is also the complaint of many that they have to now pay a whopping $7.00 ATM fee per withdrawal.

Reasoning behind this whole banking operation is still clouded. Now, more people are putting their trust in prepaid debit cards versus banks.

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