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Anti-Spyware Software – Spyhunter


The SpyHunter software is included in the huge category of spyware programs, without which surfing on the Internet would be, definitely, much more unsafe. Even if this software is an application that has decent results in terms of detecting and removing traditional attacks like spyware, adware, browser hijackers, infected toolbars, the software targets also viral parasites, such as trojans, keyloggers and those that install themselves in your PC  memory.

Unlike other specialized software, this program is, rather, a traditional application of anti-spyware protection, than a general application encompassing multiple functions of protecting your computer. SpyHunter gives users the ability to scan some parts of the computer, such as internal memory, Cookies files, folders, Rootkits and Registry files, but, in addition to these, users have no other options, because the software does not provide the ability to scan external devices.

For some users, these issues may be considered incomplete, but for others, installation of a combination of applications and stand-alone tools to handle at a run the preservation of the integrity of the computer system is a more attractive option than a single tool that offers all of them in the same package.

After installation, at the first opening of the anti-spyware software SpyHunter, it will perform the first scan of the system and the first update, if it is available. The application will begin by scanning Windows registry, the processes running in the background and the browser cookies. The program runs a pretty good scanning of all files on the hard disk. The degree of scan may differ, users having the option to scan the entire system, quick scan on different locations or selected components. Upon completion of scanning, the program offers quite detailed reports and specifies the location of objects identified as suspicious, with a brief description of the problem, so that users can make an informed decision.

The anti-spyware software SpyHunter is a very friendly application, which provides, however, no other additional tools and extra features that, frankly, most people probably would not ever use. The application contains only a few tools:

RollBack Manager – allows you to reinstall the accidentally deleted files;
Exclusion Manager – it can be used to force the application to ignore scanning of certain files from PC or certain programs;
Repair Internet Connection – allows restoring active links.

The program does not offer real-time scanning and neither a monitoring or control of spyware components in real time, but it has the option to schedule the scans of the computer and the possibility of automatic updates.

In terms of use, Spyhunter is installed very quickly, so the first scan is very easy to set, even for novice users. The basic tools are simple, the only problem lying in customizing the menu, which may generate confusion for some users, due to the lack of explanations and the difficulty of the necessary configuration.

In terms of detection efficiency, the software has the ability to identify spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, hijackers, tracking threats, malware, worms, rogue antispyware, installation of unwanted software, phishing attacks, pop-ups and sites containing viruses. The only problem regarding the anti-spyware software SpyHunter is represented by the quite old updates, the lack of real-time protection becoming a real concern, especially considering that viruses generally develop fast enough. The best anti-spyware softwares are updated constantly, as needed, sometimes even within a few hours to ensure the so useful real-time protection.

In terms of supporting documentation, SpyHunter is equipped with an interface that includes a Help section, where you can find answers to your questions about what protection against spyware and malware involves, beside the numerous pages of FAQ, forums, live chat support, very detailed tutorials that follow step by step the solving of the problem and a clear and well organized manual.

The anti-spyware software SpyHunter is, in conclusion, an application that is installed smoothly, with few exceptions, in case of the customizations that users might like. In terms of effectiveness of spyware detection, the program works decently, offering clear reporting, accompanied by little explanation, very useful. Even if the manufacturing company announces the emergence of daily updates, this does not happen, there being cases where these updates delay to occur even after six days, during which you may have to deal with viral Internet attacks, which are becoming stronger and more efficient as the day passes. Updates are a “must” that any program that respects itself must in order to be able to provide protection in real time for users surfing the Internet.


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