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Editing Software – Sony Vegas Pro


Sony Vegas Pro is the latest trend in quality audio-video editing, used both by professionals and amateurs. Unlike Adobe Premier and Final Cut, its direct competitor, it is much easier to use, cheaper and doesn’t use a load of memory.

From the installation point of view, this software is perfect, nothing could pose a problem and the complete process will finish in a maximum of 25 minutes on a medium performance computer. The first thing that is great in Sony Vegas Pro is its capacity of video editing, the software being able to handle most of the standard formats (SD), high definition (HD) and Ultra High Definition (UHD). The software works on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows, including Vista and 7, being one of the first that offer this possibility. It must be mentioned, that Sony Vegas is generally ahead in this race of professionalism, by having native support for 24p and Bezier curves for automating the “keyframe” process.

Sony Vegas Pro is in front of the race at the maneuverability, its learning curve, and its easy-to-learn interface. By introducing the non-linear editor, the user can work on multiple project at the same time, making more things at the same time. The user can also capture and import the movie into a project, edit in another project and render in a third project without getting tangled between them. Its capacity of using 64 bit processors allows the user to work with different bandwidths, process HD and if the users’ computer allows this (At least a dual-core processor and at least 1 GB or RAM memory), Sony Vegas Pro, is definitely one of the three titans of audio-video editing.

To add to professionalism, the Sony Creative Team, along with VASST launched the Production Assistant plugin, which helps automatize embedding of certain requirements, such as those from television, cinematography, commercials, adding transitions, filters and color corrections with a blazing speed, along with the capacity of exporting in a huge amount of formats. Its only disadvantage is the need of separately acquiring the Production Assistant. Other than that, you can be proud with the fact that it’s one of the few plugins that don’t use a lot of other company’s content.

Sony Vegas Pro can easily export into a huge variety of formats for video, optical environments (Blu-ray, DVD) and internet. To export in DVD or Blu-Ray format, the software uses the DVD architect component that embeds a series of tools used to clarify the image and the professionalism of your technique. Because, at the given moment, the 3d technique is intensely used and very well rated, the team from Sony promises Z-Depth and Blu-print (made along with those from Sony Pictures Entertainment) components that will allow the user to create 3D disks, that can be seen from their homes.

Sony Vegas Pro can also mix and edit audio files, being one of the best-made softwares from that point of view, on the profile market. It’s main advantage is that Sony Vegas was launched initially only as an application that worked on the sound editing side, being one of the best at audio-editing. The software has the capacity of editing high-quality audio formats at 192 kHz, and by using a multi-core processor, the playback is much faster, even real-time.

From the performance point of view, the Sony Vegas Pro software is strictly as good as your computer allows it to, needing at least 1GB of RAM to use one process of the application and at least 2GB for multiple and complex operations. As a support, the software includes in the Help menu a lot of tutorials with different degrees of difficulty, meant to ease the user’s learning process such as tutorials that use projects, static images, moving images and audio files.

Sony Vegas Pro is, certainly, a professional piece of software, that can be relied with making multi-media projects, because of its huge amount of audio-video editing and processing characteristics. Even if you want to start a business in this area of expertise, or you’re just an amateur, this software can easily be put on the programs that are worth buying, being one of the best when speaking of the Quality/Price ratio.


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