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Piano Wizard Academy Software – Learn To Play The Piano In Five Steps


The Academy Piano Wizard software, produced by the people from Allegro Multimedia Inc., is unique in terms of the new technology used, the software coming to the aid of those who want to learn to play piano without having an actual piano. The method involves the use of interactive video games, in which the “student” begins byplaying a few, quite simple songs and ends up singing entire scores, such as those composed by Beethoven or Bach.

Even if so far this sounds pretty unrealistic, things happen in reality, the program being specifically designed for children but also for adults who consider this strategy as a productive and useful tool in deepening the study of classical piano.

Piano Wizard Academy  is the best software that comes to help those who want to learn to play the piano, because it is exciting, effective and offers many opportunities for learning. Each lesson consists of a song to be taught in four steps.

The first step

In the first step you choose a the central graphical theme of the game, where there are presented musical notes represented by corresponding symbols. These symbols will run on the screen and will land on a colored keyboard that lights up according to the musical note that you type. Users must press the note in a fixed timeframe in order to keep the beat, which you’ll have available in the form of a bar on the right side of the interface.

The second step of the Piano Wizard Academy software

Keyboard keys are moved to the side of the screen so that users can see which is the arrangement of musical notes in a score and how are they read.

Step three

Symbols of the game change to become musical notes, marked with different colors, which overlap with the digital keyboard keys.

Step Four

The colored notes become black in the fourth step and, furthermore, the rhythm symbols are overlapped, making all the notations in the song  correspond to reality. At this time, users get to see scores that are only tools to get to master a perfect song and not just lines and dots very difficult to interpret.

The fifth step of Piano Wizard Academy software

This step makes the transition from a virtual game to the real world, the manufacturing company being concerned to offer children, in particular, but also their parents, the tools necessary for children to develop their skills in music.

The whole system was built, in fact, for parents, teachers and music teachers, equally, as the tutorials are designed so that users can learn musical techniques, phrasing, posture in front of the instrument and its technical handling. The instructions that come along with the manual are very detailed, describing what is the practice manner of each lesson, learning concepts and the theory of the specific music, art history and reading scores, the most complicated, from the perspective of many people.

This Piano Wizard Academy software is very easy to learn, which includes a MIDI controller with 49 keys, and allows learning on modules, from the Easy Mode to the Premier Mode, where you can learn songs of classical composers like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. The less attractive part of the package refers to the quite steep price that it has, but on the other hand, a year of private lessons with a piano teacher for your child will certainly cost you much more. Besides the lessons offered, the Premier package contains many songs and over 50 video lessons, and for a better learning, you can opt for lessons in parallel, with a teacher.

In terms of ease of use, Piano Wizard Academy software contains many detailed instructions, as both in video and written form, to help its users when they install their keyboard and the software itself. All hard equipment necessary for functioning is included in the package, along with some diagrams to use.

In terms of technical support, the software is one of the best on the market, at present, as it has many sections of support, very detailed and clear FAQ pages, even for a beginner, written tutorials, video tutorials and a user manual available for download on the website of the producer. For the technical part, the team can be contacted both by telephone and email, fax or post box.

In conclusion, the Piano Wizard Academy software is a very new and innovative program, which comes to help those interested in learning piano, making the whole process much easier and more fun. It is one of the programs  that teaches you with a smile, that helps you get rid of some frustrations and fears that you might have in terms of learning an instrument and is a good tactic to learn notes, scores and posture.


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