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Software – Anime Studio Debut


The Anime Studio Debut software is a 2D animation program provided by the Smith Micro, in which you can create and edit, with ease, animation movies, illustrations and anime. This program simplifies a lot the process of creation and editing, meting its user needs but still keeping an enhanced functionality. This soft is preparing for the animation enthusiasts in order to pass, later, to programs more complicated. This addresses the entry-level user, being made for use by beginners in the field and by students who are at the beginning of their career, in the creation and editing of animations.

At a third of the price in the Pro version, the Anime Studio Debut software succeeds in incorporating enough tools, for the sum of approximately 40 dollars, while being in the same time fairly easy to use, because it prefers the Beginner module which simplifies a lot the process of creation by putting the accent on the interface. The users can create using vector drawing and painting tools directly, through the software or they can import drawings and pictures in the most popular formats. With the help of the tool name Character Wizard users can create animated characters using some horizontal sliders, for setting their characteristics.

The Anime Studio Debut software comes in the help of its users with the incorporation of some pre-made characters, which are, however, poorly realized- Jace, Liz, Lightning Man, Dexter and Anime Boy, but which can be used as a base by the least experienced users who want to learn fast the principles of this software. Users can create animation scenes through three methods- drawing characters with the help of the software, importing them from their hard disk or scanner and sketching them quickly.

The software allows resizing the newly created images without compromising their quality, an extremely important thing when it comes to animation software even if it is 2D. The animation system of the characters with the help of skeletal system axes from the Anime Studio Debut software provides the possibility of adding a skeleton to characters for bringing them to life. When the user wants to make the skeleton move in a particular way all he has to do is to move the skeletal system which is already animated in the position that he wants. The tool that will help you combine with easiness video documents and audio ones is one with an interface similar with the one you would find in Adobe Flash. With the help of Lip Synching function (synchronization of the lips) you can make all the characters talk without the animator making a lot of effort.

From the point of view of importing and exporting options, the Anime Studio Debut software puts at your disposal the possibility of importing QuickTime or AVI video files, PSD with layers files, Wav or AIFF formats. In the moment when your project is finished you can export it in formats like SWF, AVI or MOV, the software providing the possibility of uploading it on YouTube or Facebook very fast.

In terms of accessibility, this 2D animation program is perfect for users who are at an intermediate level in the field of creating and editing digital animations, advanced users finding it too easy to use and with few capabilities while beginner users will consider it too difficult. It is certainly a software which needs a couple of hours of practice, especially for beginners, not to turn into a big disappointment. It is very important that before starting to use the Anime Studio Debut software to be fully aware of what it means and how much effort is needed to reach a reasonable level.

In terms of technical support, this 2D animation software has a lot of tutorials incorporated and many examples which come in the aid of the users who want to be fully warned about the content of this software. Unfortunately, maybe, for some, the tutorials are not as complex and not as complete, reason why you will need to find information and help on online forums, FAQ sections and examples of animations which will make you understand all the aspects which interest you. Smith Micro Software Company will not respond in most cases to those who send emails to technical support, but with some determination you should find enough resources to put in practice what you have thought and imagined.

Anime Studio Debut software is a solid 2D animation program which gives users who are at an intermediate level of knowledge (in the field of animations creation) the possibility to create in full liberty and for each according to ability. The users who are at the beginning can come across some difficulties in term of accommodation in using the software but someone who is determined and with passion will succeed in passing over any obstacle.


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