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The Avast Antivirus Software


If we talk about easiness of installation and operating – Avast Antivirus software is perhaps one of the most compliant and facile in this regards. Before installation, the software makes a preventive back-up of the system and afterwards it encourages the users to make a full scan of the system in order to locale and remove the viruses that might intervene in the functioning of the computer. Once the antivirus software is installed, it runs in background to protect the system from further threats without being necessary to have any kind of interaction with the user. The files are being scanned in real-time each time they are being opened – whilst every process is being thoroughly organized, allowing the user to access easily anything he wants.

Avast! Antivirus software also includes the ‘gaming mode’ option which will disable the alarms and the pop-ups that can sometimes be quite disturbing. This option is also very useful if the user watches movies in full screen mode or watches a Power Point presentation. This software runs excellent on all 32-bit Windows operating systems and it is also optimized to run efficiently on computers using 64-bit technology.

The most uncommon option is AutoSandbox that works perfectly, both on 32-bit and 64-bit technology – and allows the user’s browser to navigate in a virtual environment completely monitored by the antivirus software. This application is fully automatic and it launches itself each time the antivirus detects a suspect application – and the user will be notified through a message. Another very interesting tool is Avast WebRep, which is a browser plug-in that determines the risk level of the websites the user is visiting with the purpose of protecting the system from contacting malware or spyware. This option is amongst the highest efficient in its kind in comparison with similar software providing similar options.

As far as updates are concerned – this software is very performing and the updates are launched regularly and installed automatically as long as the user chooses that when installing the software. If the user does not choose automatic installation of the updates, the user has to search and install them manually – albeit the software offers assistance in this case as well.

The Avast Antivirus software is specially formed for viral files and it’s built for quick installation and high efficiency with regards to updates which will eventually make the user’s system a safe environment without sacrificing running speed and compiling capacity.

As far as tech support is concerned, this software is manufactured by Avast Software corporation and provides extensive support both within the software itself but also online. The user can easily find answers in online environment for his concerns that might occur.

The support is provided through extensive tutorials – both in video and text format – very explanatory forums with an accessible language and FAQ sections and instruction manuals. The tech support department of this software can also be contacted through e-mail but only after the user registers an account on the company’s website. At this point, the company also provides a charge-free telephone number that the user can call to in order to seek further help if none of the on-line materials help with regards to the user’s issue.

Albeit this software has a lower rate in effective removal of pre-existent viruses than its competitors – this software is worth using if your system is not a collection of viruses. Moreover, in comparison to its competitors, this software consumes less resources and it’s more efficient in real-time protection.

But perhaps the most important detail that we have not yet mentioned is that this software is free.


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