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Are there more varieties of dreams?
Nightmares are of course the dreams that nobody wants to experience, but they still appear in the dreams of many individuals and they usually stick to our minds, because ...
01/10/2014 12:20
1 answers
What is the reason people dream?
We all dream, even if we do it differently, and this mostly means that men and women have very different experiences regarding their dreams and the interpretation of what ...
01/10/2014 11:24
1 answers
What cures do you use in order to get rid of sounds and strange noise in an ear?
I'm not an expert, but what I do know about the ear is that it is filled with a fluid that helps us keep out balance. When an infection occurs, for example otitis, this f ...
20/09/2014 07:37
1 answers
Who uses Bing as a search engine?
I only use Bing when Google crashes. I don't know which one is better regarding the searching engine, but most people use Google so I reckon it is better, it offers more ...
17/09/2014 11:49
1 answers
Does anybody know why monkeys prefer bananas?
My guess is that they like them just because they're sweet. Monkeys resemble human beings and as there are certain foods that we like, so do they. I doubt there is anythi ...
17/09/2014 11:47
1 answers
What do you think are the benefits of being the older sister or brother in a family?
It mostly depends on the way the parents encouraged the children to talk and rely on each other. Me and my big brother always fought, constantly. Once we grew up we calme ...
15/09/2014 11:39
1 answers
What damage have i just caused to my mobile phone if i dropped it into water unintetionally?
Most probably the water got into the speaker and the screen, it depends on what model you have and the way it has been put together. Once I dropped my phone into a filled ...
08/09/2014 08:40
1 answers
What do you think about the people who decide to become pilgrims and leave a common life behind?
I think they are driven by a calling or something. Personally I wouldn't be able to leave everything behind and start a new life. I do believe in God, but I don't believe ...
03/09/2014 02:06
1 answers
Would you take canto or piano clases if you had more than 20 years?
Personally, I would. I know that it's healthy for the mind to take up a hobby now and then, regardless of what it is, singing, drawing, cycling or others. I have consider ...
01/09/2014 07:35
1 answers
Why do you think Madonna lasted for such a long time in the music industry?
My opinion is that she managed it all be always reinventing herself and always offering her fans a new image. It is a hard work to dedicate oneself to a musical carrier, ...
29/08/2014 10:06
1 answers
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