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Do you believe in Heaven?
Heaven will always go along with Hell.
There are many believers that are waiting to spend their afterlife in Heaven so they choose to live a nice and moral life in order to be admitted there. Of course, Hell is an unpleasant and not wanted place.
The idea of existing such a place will always comfort the life of those who are facing age or a hard illness.
What is your opinion about the existence of Heaven and Hell?
28.07.2014, 09:55
Rank: 7
This month:
I believe in these places, just as much as I believe in God. Once a person told me thing, if I say to you that I have an apple in my purse you may choose to believe me or not. But the idea is, if you believe me and I do have an apple, you've earned it, if you don't believe me and I don't have it, then you lost it. SO faith doesn't cost you anything. I am more interested in how hell looks like. There is an old Romanian story that said the gypsies saw in heaven a place with milk and honey for they were hungry. I see it as a garden, full of flowers with no bugs and really quiet and peaceful, and there under a tree lies a book. I don't see hell as a place with fire and chains, more like a place where you see flashes with all you've done wrong and regretted in your life. How do you see them?
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