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Astronomy And Astrology And The Difference Between Them

Since the beginning of history, the sky was an inexhaustible source of questions. Myths and legends were gradually turned into science. A first step was to understand the periodicity of the celestial phenomena and their correlation with the terrestrial season, which has led to the necessity of a long observation of the sky in order to establish the calendar and schedules.

Moreover, stars have offered man a landmark in his long trips also, thereby resolving the problem of orienting in space. There were already two very established reasons to continue celestial observations.

Orientation in time and space: this way emerged and developed one of the oldest sciences, namely Astronomy. But the thousands of nocturnal flashes still remained a mystery. The eclipses, shootings stars, comets, weather and the alternation of day and night were again an occasion of asking questions for the man who was trying to find a sense in everything surrounding him. If the sun was lightning his day, and the moon his nights, and thousands of nocturnal flashes were offering him a landmark in orientation, then which was the purpose and meaning of the always changing planets?

This way emerged the astrology, which was trying to offer another meaning to the stars, a more personal and more human one. Trying to correlate the stars position with the human life should not be viewed as being malicious in essence, but the importance given to this occupation has exceeded long time ago any limits. From an innocent concern, astrology has become a credible science in the face of the uninformed man and eager to read his destiny in the stars.

Astronomy is a science of the nature that studies the matter in the universe, as well as the universe as a whole. Thus astronomy deals with the study of positions and movements of the celestial bodies considering their structure, composition and evolution. Depending on the methods used and the studied celestial objects, astronomy can be divided into several categories: celestial mechanics, astrometry, astrophysics, radio astronomy and so on.

In comparison, astrology is a pseudo-science that "studies" the way in which visible and invisible (or fictive) celestial objects are responsible for the terrestrial life, through the positions and aspects created by these in a system of reference.

The observation of the firmament and the categorization of the phenomena produced by the stars were purely astronomical concern. And actually, the subjective interpretation (related to peoples lives) has become an astrological concern.

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