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Can food have an effect on the libido?
Can food have an effect on the libido?
04.11.2013, 15:59
Rank: 7
This month:
Sex and food remember that foods have great effect on sexual desire and libido and that some foods can be used for sexual games... Little research exists to show that certain particular foods significantly affect desire, but people can do their own research in this department. Food has long been associated with fertility and procreation. In ancient Greece, the erotic power of food has been celebrated for centuries, since ancient times. The well known expression the quickest way to a mans heart or to a womans is a delicious meal is perhaps not random, but full of meaning. Greek and Roman cultures used to enjoy a parade of ripe fruits and exotic dishes before engaging in sensual pleasures. In ancient Greece, for example, couples who had difficulty conceiving were encouraged to eat foods such as eggs or bulbs onions. These foods were believed to contain sexual energy due to their similarity in shape to seeds or sperm. Casanova was said to share oysters with his paramours to whet their sexual appetites. Nutrition plays a vital role in love and lovemaking. The quality of our diet has a great deal to do with the quality of sex. Many nutritious foods can stir the libido, revive the sexual functions and enhance the overall health, especially when served up in a sensual way. The phallic shape of a banana and the similarity in shape of an oyster to a vulva has led to their reputation as aphrodisiacs foods that arouse or intensify sexual desire. Additionally, lust and desire are reputed to result from the taste and scent of vanilla, licorice, mustard, and nutmeg.Heavy fatty foods often make us too slow and sleepy for us to be able to enjoy passionate sex. Not to mention the long-term effects of fatty foods which itself does not provide enough energy and vitality, but also influences figure and self-image plays an important role in sex drive and libido. Instead there are foods that do wonders for your sex life as long as you integrate them often in your diet.
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