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Dogs  More Than Mans Best Friends

Dogs are indeed mans best friends as they have made a significant difference to mans way of life. For thousands of years, these animals have remained the affectionate, loyal and protective companions of man. But with the varied roles these furry and four legged animals have performed they have become more than mans best friends.

Dogs are commonly considered not as pets but as members of the family. A lot of people treat these animals as surrogate children. It is not unusual for people living alone to have one or more of these animals as companions. Fido has gained the reputation of being a very affectionate pet that forms a strong bond with its owners. Although dogs have survived in the wild without human intervention, their modern counterparts solely depend on the owners for their existence. These animals would need to be provided with regular meals and opportunities to exercise. Being affectionate and social animals, a dog would demand interaction with the family. A dog that is left alone for the better part of the day without toys or other animals to play with have the tendency to develop unwanted habits. A lot of these pets are abandoned or left in animal shelters when they become unmanageable and destructive.

In recent years dogs have performed other roles. Apart from being working animals that guard and herd livestock, mans best friends were trained by law enforcement people and are now being utilized to sniff bombs and drugs. These animals have excelled in therapeutic work as well as they provide companionship and entertainment to convalescing people. These animals that are known to have ultrasensitive scenting abilities are being utilized to detect some forms of cancer. Man can have an uninterrupted sleep at night knowing that a guard dog is keeping the family and the property safe from intruders.

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