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Harrier, A Dog That Hunts In Packs

The first Harrier pups were raised in England by Sir Elias of Midhope in 1260 and they were developed in England to hunt rabbits in packs. A Harrier possess all the qualities of the pack hounds that rely on smell. They are dogs with a robust constitution and great bones for their size. The Harrier is active, well balanced, powerful and efficient in any situation, leaving the impression that it works tirelessly, no matter the duration of time. Running speed and sense of smell are its most important features. The Harrier is in fact a smaller version of the English Fox Terrier. It is a sociable and friendly dog who must be able to work with other hounds. Therefore, aggression toward other dogs will not be tolerated.

The body of a Harrier is not square and is slightly longer than the shoulder to croup than at the point of the withers to the ground. It has a strong constitution and is full of power and quality. It is a dog with plenty of substance and good bone without being too heavy or exaggerated.

The limbs of a Harrier have a moderate angle from the front legs and shoulders and long lean muscles toward the back, smooth at the withers. The shoulders are well padded with muscle without being excessively heavy or loaded, giving the impression of free movement and developed. The elbows are far from the coast moving parallel to the body and directly straight. The feet are straight and with good bone from top to bottom. Its paws are thick, well developed and strong. The well developed muscles, provide the necessary long hours of work that are very important. Strength is more important than speed itself, and therefore the knee joints have a moderate angle. Feet are facing forward and have a round shape and are similar to those of a cat with some cushions on the fingers that are close, thick and well developed.
The coat of a Harrier is short, dense, hard and shiny. The hair that is covering the ears is finer than the body. Any color is acceptable and not regarded as very important.

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