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Hovawart, The Keeper Of The Yard

The Hovawart belongs to a group of dogs like the Pinscher and Schanuzer – molossoid breeds – Swiss Mountain Dog and Cattle Dogs. Hovawart is a very old breed of German origin. The name this race comes from old German "Hova" = "hof" = "courtyard farm" and "Wart" = "Watcher" = "guard", so "hovawart" means "keeper of the yard." Since 1922, breeders of dogs and turned their attention increasingly to the dogs which resembled more nearly identical with those of the old farms.

The Hovawart breed characteristics are much like the Golden Retriever breed. The coat is long, dense, slightly wavy, golden or black with reddish spots and gives a touch of elegance. The head is large, somewhat square and with a rectangular shaped muzzle. The eyes are small, round and barely seen because of their color which is dark brown.

They have long ears hanging on both sides of the head which end right along the jaw line. The neck and chin fur is dense. Hovawart breed dog are strong with a good physical shape. The legs are not very long to end up and have oval paws. The tail is long and fluffy and in kept close to the ground. They can reach a height of 63 to 70 centimeters in males and 58 to 65 centimeters in females. The weight for both sexes is between 25 and 41 kilograms. Generally this dog lives long as the average life expectancy is 10 to 14 years. A female can give birth to between 4 and 10 pups. Like many other breeds, Hovawart dogs may have some health problems such as hip dysplasia and eye problems.

The Hovawart dog is very calm with a noted temperament, balanced and extraordinary power of work. With much confidence they are highly protective and it is devoted and loves the family that takes care of him. He is a quiet companion dog and they are also good tracking dogs used in search and rescue missions if trained in that direction. Even if they are friendly and sociable, these dogs are not easily taught. The race remains essentially rustic, so they will tend to do what they feel right and when something is commanded.

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