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Mastiff Characteristics

The ancestors of the Mastiff is said to have been bred in England over 2,000 years ago. There are many theories about its origin, but for all dogs it is thought they may be at the origin of a commune ancestor, namely the mastiff Dog of Tibet. He was raised to guard and participate in bloody sports such as wrestling with other dogs or other large wild animals. He participated in the war of succession from the USA. Today it is more prevalent in the U.S. than in Europe.

The Mastiff is very large, massive, vigorous, well-built with a strong body and muscular. The head is large, square-like with a flat forehead and wrinkled when it is alert. The muzzle is short, broad and black with a big nose. The eyes are spaced, medium and dark in color. The ears are V-shaped, small, with rounded tips and left natural. The medium length tail is broad at the base and sharp at the top and it kept hanging. Coat hair is short, hard, dense, not too fine and can be colored gray, red, rod, apricot and have a black mask. It has a height of 70 to 76 centimeters and weighs 75 to 86 kilograms.

In personality, the Mastiff strikes as a brave dog, intelligent, docile and calm. He is loyal and gentle to the family. It is friendly and well-intentioned towards children and strangers are accepted only if the owner agrees. If properly socialized with other dogs and small animals it will accept other household pets.

A mastiff must be brushed more often during the shedding periods. You should not walk this dog when temperatures are high. A Mastiff has a huge appetite and can easily become obese if not fed correctly. This is a dog that fits easily in both conditions in an apartment and a yard and needs enough space for it is a large dog. He needs socialization and training. The dogs training must be done with patience, consistency, also this dog participates with pleasure in all activities. He is an excellent guard dog and protection dog and can also be a good companion.

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