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The Irish Setter Has A Very Lively Temperament

Irish Setter Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Irish Setter has its registration in England and it is a distinguished athlete, giving the impression of a thoroughbred dog, slim, with fluent movement. The height in males is 56 to 64 centimeters and in females, 54 to 64 centimeters. The weight of a Irish Setter revolves around 20 to 30 kilograms in males and 20 to 30 in females. They can have a hair color of red mahogany, dark mahogany color to; brown shiny, red, white forehead and also the chest and paws, white spots are not permitted on the head, or tail states, but there are bi versions.

The Irish Setter has a dress that is proud and noble. The head is in, long, dry and light, well shaped, characterized by a perfect parallelism between the jaws and skull. The skull is oval with a black nose with open nostrils, muzzle almost rectangular and slightly pointed. Hazel eyes, dark brown or black, medium sized, expressive, intelligent and has a lively look. The ears are of medium size rails, attached relatively low, backwards, with rounded edges, hanging like a fold.

The body construction is harmonious with a deep chest but not wide enough, the back is quite flat, straight and strong, muscular thighs, slightly arched, sloping shoulders and long limbs and nervous in front straight, resilient, with strong bones. Hind legs are long and muscular. Hock joints and well developed. The feet are small and powerful. Tail of medium size, caught deep, thicker at the base, smooth the top, is worn on the back of the line height or slightly below, slightly curved but never erected. It has short and fine hair on the head. On the front of the legs and top middle ear is longer. Like the White English Setter, the tail is adorned with fringe medium length and is shorter towards the top.

Irish Setter is an intelligent dog, energetic, affectionate, devoted, with a lively temperament, with greater mobility, speed and resistance to fatigue and heat. With highly developed sense of smell, they hunt in any field and are excellent swimmers. It is used to hunt birds, as for other game species.

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