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The Irish Terrier Is Also Known As The Daredevil

The Irish Terrier breed is very old and it is a close relative to the Fox terrier with wiry hair. This selection was obtained through various dogs that we know today. It was used as a messenger during the First World War. The breed was standardized in the early twentieth century.

The Irish Terrier is a medium sized dog, strong, agile and quick. It is only one among many terriers and proves a great strength. The head is long with a long flat nose that is black and has small dark eyes. The ears are small V-shaped and folded in half with the line, especially the line bending head. The tail is cut almost in its length, well covered with hair and is high but not above the back. The coat is double with a first layer that is soft, fluffy and an outer layer that consists of a coarse, hard, straight, medium in length and well bonded to the body. It does not have a very large beard and mustache. Its color is golden yellow, straw, bright red, red gold with or without white spots on the chest.

The Irish Terrier is characterized by an unparalleled courage and daring that makes him to rush to the opponent and fight until the last breath. In his native country it is nicknamed Daredevil ( mostly because he is fearless). It is alert, intelligent, playful, sensitive, affectionate, loyal, very protective and faithful to his master. It is not like other terriers and is usually friendly with people, loving and tolerant with children. It is quite irritable with other dogs. It should be socialized with other animals in the household and must be learned not to run after cats as this can prove chaotic. Females are generally quieter than males. Dogs of this breed are so much attached to their family that they suffer when they are away from them.

The coat of the Irish Terrier should be sent two or three times a year. Excess of hair should be removed between the pads of the feet. It is a dog that can adapt to any living conditions even if being in the outdoors or living in an apartment. It is desirable that the owner is an active person with experience in raising dogs.

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