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The Patterdale Terrier Is One Hell Of A Digger

The Patterdale Terrier breed is known as the Black Fell Terrier. This dog is not as strong as other terriers, however, is does not never refuse a ride in the park or a game. The breed was created for hunting and certainly has the skills to do so. It is not recommended to be adopted by a family that does not have time to educate the dog. The males have a height at the withers of 31 centimeters and the females also have 31 centimeters. They weigh 5 to 6 kilograms which is available for males and the females 5.5 to 6 kilograms.

The Patterdale Terrier does not get along well with other animals since it was created for hunting. It usually runs after everything that moves. When he appears in front of any mammal it is prone to follow it. The color typical of the breed is black and the fur is short, rare or created. Having a rough coat, this small dog may be presented in the following colors: red, bronze and copper.

Hunting instinct of the Patterdale Terrier may be noticed since he is young. However, it should be trained and kept in a fenced area so that the owner can watch it easily. Even if it's very brave, it is loving. This dog is intelligent and loyal to the master and is not suitable for a busy person because you have care for it very well and very carefully.

Regarding physical activity, we recommend a rigorous program of daily exercises for the dog to maintain fitness. On the other hand, the Patterdale Terrier loves to dig, so it should be supervised when sitting in court, especially in a vegetable or flower garden. The fence should be as high for as a little quadruped can always skip, especially if it has a mammals attention. The Patterdale Terrier breed is generally a disobedient animal and must be trained properly.

A strong trainer is the best choice for this race. It is very hard to capture the attention of the dog that needs a lot of attention. Patience is one of the characteristics that a trainer must have when training a Patterdale Terrie. On the other hand, they learn quickly because they are intelligent.

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